Tips for choosing the perfect barbecue

As every year, the arrival of good weather begins the season of family meals and with friends around the barbecue, the best way to enjoy our climate and joy with exquisite products and the smoky aroma of grilled dishes. And we all remember great moments around a barbecue, much more than a mere “grill machine”. But to get the best out of this tasty, comfortable and healthy cooking method, it is necessary to have the guarantee of leading brands such as Kamado Joe.

However, knowing how to choose barbecue is a delicate task that often raises many doubts. And is not for less. On the one hand, because it will depend on your correct choice that we fully live those moments of leisure and meeting that it implies. On the other hand, because the range of options we have can make it difficult for us to know which is the perfect barbecue for our home.

So let’s see in detail what to consider to get our purchase right. Some highly logical aspects that, sometimes, go unnoticed when buying a barbecue tool such as Kamado Joe BBQ.

1. Know in depth the space we have for our barbecue

As happens when we consider how to choose balcony or terrace furniture, the space we have is decisive. And we do not mean, only, to have the necessary to install the type of barbecue for which we choose. There is another detail to take into account, and that is that in order to cook with our barbecue we need to have space around both to move around and to place food trays or any dressing we need.

2. Choose the type based on the number of diners

As secondary as it may seem, it is a fundamental detail when choosing barbecue! And no: as we might think, for a matter of space. The thing goes further. The number of diners that we can have determines both the size and the type of barbecue. If our forecast is to have a good number of people at the table, we will have to opt for one with more grill space in the case of coal like Kamado Joe Bundle, or with more power in the case of gas and electric. When in doubt, there is no option: it is preferable to have one prepared for many people than too small. The idea, on the one hand, is that we can respect the cooking times of the barbecue so that each food is at its point without the rush playing a pass. And, of course, that all our guests can eat at the same time.

3. Choose a type of fuel, key in how to choose barbecue

It is one of the most important aspects when choosing barbecue. Traditionally, when we say barbecue, the image of a red-hot brazier comes to mind. However, consider that there are many other equally valid barbecue options that are worth learning about before buying one.

And, for this, nothing like knowing its pros and cons in detail. A decisive way to choose the most appropriate one.

4. Charcoal barbecue

The advantages of charcoal barbecues are resounding. Apart from the characteristic smoky flavor, they reach cooking temperatures higher than other barbecues and are easy to light. Except for the construction ones, they are usually of a moderate size and portable, so they facilitate their storage. Finally, its maintenance is also easy.

5. Electric barbecue, the perfect option for the whole year

A perfect option to use both indoors and outdoors, and at any time of the year. In addition to this, their main advantage is that they do not need a lot of preparation time, since you just have to plug in and wait for them to heat up. Just as important as this is knowing that they are easy to maintain and that they generate little smoke.

6. Gas barbecue, an upward trend

Although it has been slow to arrive, it is a type of cooking that has more and more followers. Something logical if we take into account some of its advantages: it is easy to light, does not generate much smoke and, due to its size, they are ideal for cooking for many diners. In return for all its benefits, its dimensions can be a problem when it comes to storage.

So…are you ready to buy your barbecue tool?