Things to Consider While Wearing A Yellow Sapphire Stone

Being an Indian we have lots of beliefs that are being inherited from generation to generation. Among all the beliefs, astrology is one of the strongest beliefs until now. Astrology is the study of the star’s position in the birth chart of the person. To empower any weak stars, many experts and astrologers ask their clients to wear gemstones. Yes, these gemstones if worn as per the guidance of the experts can bring a lot of positive change in a person’s life.

Some of the very common gemstones are ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, etc. Out of all of them, the yellow sapphire is the strongest gem that can bring positivity in the life of a person to a great extent. Yellow sapphire is also known as pukhraj and is the gem that is ruled by the Jupiter planet. You can buy pukhraj stone online from any of government certified website.

Let’s have a look at various things that are to be considered by the person who wears this stone.

  • Wearing this stone is not an easy job. the very first condition in this is to buy the purest form of stone. And in the majority cases, the dealers provide their customers with duplicate stones which do not give any benefit to the person who is wearing it. So, it is highly recommended to buy this stone from Khanna gems as they are best in their services.
  • This is a stone that everyone cannot wear it. Only if it is recommended by any expert, then only wear it otherwise it can bring negative energies as well.
  • The pukhraj stone is worn according to the weight of the person. The stone should be a minimum of 1/12th weight of the person. For example, if someone’s weight is 72kg, the minimum weight of phukhraj should be 6 Ratti. The price of the stone may vary according to the weight of the stone.
  • For better results, this stone should be studded in gold. If any person’s budget doesn’t allow such expense, then it can also be made in silver metal.
  • Experts recommend wearing this stone on Thursday, early in the morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.
  • It is very important to wear it in a proper way for better results. Before wearing this, the ring should be placed in a bowl. After that Ganga Jal, cow milk and ghee, tulsi leaves, and honey should be added so that the gem can be purified completely.
  • After all this process you need to activate the gem by reciting the mantra 108 times that is “Om Brim Brihaspataye Namha”.
  • After activating the ring, wear yellow clothes and wear this ring in the index finger of the right hand.Read more about : casinospoker

These are the things that are to be considered by the person who wants to wear this. Usually, people who are politicians or industrialists wear this stone. This stone gives them the energy to do decisions that are favorable to them as well as the people around them. For more information regarding this, contact Mr. Pankaj Khanna from Khanna Gems who has more than 30 years of experience in this field. You can buy pukhraj online India from here.Here you can get the latest news for online games gamblingheros that will be very beneficial for your online games. This casinospace site leading the world latest online news around the world for the beginners.  

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