Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Petrol Car Wash Machine

The number of cars in Kenya has been on a constant rise for the past years. People are buying cars for personal or business use and at times for both.As a result of the increase in vehicles on the road, the car wash sector has grown. Most car owners do not have enough time or do not want to clean their carsindependently.

Car washes are popular as there offer quality cleaning services and clean the car quickly. Most of these businesses opt for car wash machines to increase the number of vehiclesthey can handle. However, the washers do not come cheap, and thus owners have to buy only the best machine. The following are some of the factors to consider before purchasing a machine.


The volume of the machines is measured in gallons per minute(GPM). The GPM determines the amount of water the car wash machine can discharge in a minute. The GPM is a measure of how effective the washer is and its strength. The right GPM depends on the use of the machine. Washers with a higher GPM release more water than those with a lower GPM.


The horsepower is anessential consideration for a petrol car wash machine. The horsepower gives the rating of an engine. The machine’s engine is the part responsible for pressure capacity and volume. The recommended horsepower for a car wash is about 6.5HP.

However, machines with less powered engines can also do well. The petrol car wash machine price in Kenya is affected by horsepower.Owners should be aware of companies that advertise cheap machines of high pressure but do not increase the horsepower rating.


The pressure of the machines is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). The PSI and GPM offer a great way to measure the petrol machine’s cleaning power. Multiplying the PSI and GPM gives the machine’s cleaning power. The PSI determines the force of the water as it leaves the nozzles of the washer. The recommended PSI is 1200-1900.

Horizontal or Vertical Shaft

The direction of an engine shaft is little-known but is a crucial consideration. The vertical shaft isless costly, but its service life is shorter. On the other hand, the horizontal shafts are more expensive but tend to be more reliable. The petrol car wash machine price in Kenya is thus affected by the type of shaft chosen. It is advisable to take the horizontal shaft due to the long service life.


The type and quality of the pump mainly depend on the brand. Cheaper petrol car wash machines have low-quality pumps and thus do not last long. It is advisable to buy a more expensive washer from a trusted brand. Pump components also offer an insight into the quality. The components to checkare the thermal relief valves, ceramic plungers, and brass heads.


Having a petrol car wash machine increases your effectiveness and also reduces the turnaround time of the business. While buying the washer, it is vital to consider the factors in this article. Buyers should also not rush for cheap car washing machines but instead buy machines from trusted brands.

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