Things To Consider Before Buying A Pool Cue

Purchasing something requires a lot of research, advice, and surfing numerous websites. Purchasing a pool cue stick also falls comfortably into this category. Available in such diverse sizes, colors, and qualities, buying a perfect cue stick for yourself is a difficult task to accomplish. So to ease out your process a bit for you, we have a list of considerations you must take note of.


Cue sticks are available in all sizes and prices out there; however, the decision to select the one that suits your style of playing is not that easy. 

The stick that you’re purchasing should also be selected based on your budget. After all, it’s the skill that matters, not the stick. But your game can successfully benefit from any two-piece maple cue that can be purchased without giving a massive blow to your bank account. An ordinary decent performing cue stick starts from $50 and can go up to $100-$150, while the ones made for professionals go up to $350-$500 each. So first you should analyze your skills and then decide which one is better suited for you.  


It also depends upon the skill and how serious a player is for his/her game. If that player is just a beginner, we recommend opting for a low-budget good-quality cue rather than an expensive one. A regular budgeted cue stick can help a player kick start his career. Gradually, when the player increases the pace, he/she can decide the right time to upgrade the cue stick and opt for a better one. 


It all depends on how good a player is, his requirements, and his desires for the game. A more professional player requires a more technologically enriched cue. Some cues offer low deflection while some can deflect the balls massively; some are equipped with super fine velvet grip, while others have rubber for the same purpose. Some players are very comfortable with short cues; they say that short cue sticks give them the liberty to try a wide range of shots. If you are a standard player and desire a pretty standard performing cue, you can go for any regular traditional maple shaft cue stick.

Note: To increase your cue’s performance and give it that lasting quality, always store it in a cue stand that can be installed anywhere from a living room to a game room. Extreme hot or cold conditions can also affect the cue sticks significantly, so it becomes all the more imperative to maintain them. 

Weight and Balance 

The two most essential things that make a cue a well-performing cue stick are an ideal balance and the right weight. Most cue sticks that we have in the market are between 18 to 21 ounces in weight. If a player isn’t that tall or has a shorter arm span, a regular cue would create problems for him while he plays. Additionally, it will be quite heavy for the player to use. If you are shorter in height, it is recommended you opt for a cue whose weight is equally distributed throughout rather than just on the back. 


Whether a cue stick suits you or not depends on your usual style of playing and the wide range of colors and designs they come in. A design indeed depicts the personality of the player. So it’s better to choose something that suits your style, way of life, aura, or interests. So, it’s not always the function that comes first; sometimes, fashion also needs to be kept up to the mark. 

There are many more reasons that help determine which cue is best suited for any player, for instance, the collar of a stick, the joint material, the butt sleeve of the cue stick, the ring’s tip and collar, and more. If you’re just being introduced to the game of billiards and want to explore more about it, you should get your hands on the standard budgeted cue and slowly uplift your game, skill set, performance, style, and yes, the cue stick.