The ultimate guide on how to clean crystal vases

A crystal vase always adds beauty to your room. With flowers or without, crystal vases look elegant and add vibrance to your place. Adding more than one contemporary crystal vase is a great way to decor your room.

But will these vases look the same when they’re left smudgy and unclean for weeks and months? Well, cloudy crystal vases make your room look dull. Unclean vases with mineral deposits and rings ruin your decor and leave a bad impression on guests as well.

So if you’ve purchased luxury homeware such as a crystal vase and have a few cloudy crystal vases that need cleaning, then you’re at the right place. Below is a list of a few tried and tested ways to clean your crystal vases.

Things required to clean the crystal vases

The following things should be handy before you start cleaning your crystal vases:

  • Newspaper
  • A cleaning cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon
  • Glass cleaner
  • Plastic tub
  • Warm water
  • Denture cleaning tablets

If you don’t have or don’t want to purchase cleaning tablets then you can use over the counter things like white vinegar and baking soda. Every household has almost all the above-mentioned things. So you can start cleaning those cloudy vases straight away.

How to clean crystal vases from inside 

Usually, the inside of a crystal vase accumulates dust easily and even if the outer wall is cleaned, the vase still looks unappealing.

The inside surface of a crystal vase is smooth. So the dirt can be removed pretty quickly. Try one of these methods to clean the inside of your vase:

Warm soapy water 

Just soak your crystal vase in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Take it out and remove dust and mineral deposits using a soft-bristled brush.

Baking soda and vinegar 

If the mineral deposits won’t budge with warm water then you can try this fizzy solution. Fill the vase with warm water and add a table of baking soda and some white vinegar. The mixture will fizz and will start working to clean the limescale and dusty rings. Leave this solution for a few minutes and then drain it out. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn particles that won’t dissolve in the solution.

Salt and vinegar 

Another effective way to clean the scummy deposits inside the crystal vase is by making a paste of salt and white vinegar. Make a thick paste and apply it using a brush. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then wash it off with warm water. This solution dissolves all the stubborn deposits for a sparkle inside of your vase.

Denture cleaning tablets

You can find these tablets from any chemist or a superstore. The trick is to fill the vase with warm water and add one tablet. It will fizz immediately, eating away all the deposits. Now drain this solution and clean the remaining dust and mineral particles using a soft-bristled brush.

A glass cleaner 

Last but not the least, try a glass cleaner. Prefer a spray bottle to spritz the cleaner inside the vase. Leave for a minute and then clean it using a cloth.

How to clean crystal vases from outside 

Now the inside of the vase is clean, the outside would also be cleaner than before as the vase has been soaked in warm water. But as the outside has edges, corners, and tips; you will need to clean the outside of the vase separately to make sure it looks as shiny as new.

Crumpled newspaper work best 

Once you have soaked the vase in warm water (to clean the inside), you can use a crumpled newspaper to wipe the outside of the vase afterward. Crumpled newspaper removes the dust from all the dimensions easily.


Vinegar is a cleaning solvent that helps remove dust from all the glassware. You just have to mix vinegar and water together and spray this solution on the vase. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then clean it off.


Lemon has the tendency to remove all the mineral deposits. Cut a fresh lemon (don’t use a lemon that was cut earlier as it will attract dust) and rub the flesh on the outer surface of the crystal surface. Then wash it with warm water. Or you can scrub a lemon and salt paste with a soft brush and then wash it off with warm water.

Glass cleaner 

Simply spray a glass cleaner on the outer surface and clean it with a cotton cloth.

All these quick methods are very effective and you’ll notice a sparkling shine on your vases.

Cleaning precautions 

Crystal vases can be cracked easily if you tend to clean them without precautions.

  • Use a plastic tub to soak the vases to avoid cracks
  • Don’t use a brush with hard bristles
  • Don’t scrub excessively
  • Soak all the crystal vases one by one. Soaking them together can result in breakage
  • Don’t use boiling hot water to clean the vase. Make sure the water is warm


Crystal vases add vibrance and elegance to your place. But they accumulate dust and mineral particles very easily, resulting in a cloudy and smudgy appearance. Above are a few tried and tested methods to clean your vases. With these quick methods, you can clean your vases that have stubborn scummy rings and deposits.

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