The UK DIY capital and DIY tips!

With everyone’s pockets being a little tighter, thanks to numerous different circumstances, you might want to save the pennies and spruce up your house with a little bit of DIY! However, it may be a shock to learn that not all cities in the UK are as easy to undertake a DIY challenge, such as upholstering a bit of furniture, or even adding a lick of paint!

Rather then looking to purchase more modern furniture, you can give your house an update with a few simple handy DIY tricks! Try your hand at replacing your cupboard handles, spray paint your light, it’s often a lot easier than you think to give your home a professional look at a fraction of the cost!

Depending on where you are in the UK may determine how DIY savvy you really are! A survey undertaken by Brandon Hire Stationhas just revealed just which City in the UK is the most Do It Yourself! According to their findings Manchester City has the least number of registered Tradesman, whilst Birmingham has the most! This might just prove that Manchester is the city where people are more likely to give DIY a try before calling a professional!

The study found that London is both the capital city and DIY capital of the UK, with the most Home Decor Shops available, as well as the highest search volume of the most popular DIY trends!

Here are some easy to do DIY jobs that you might try yourself before buying new fittings and furniture, or hiring a tradesman.

Spray Paint your Light fittings!

It may not be your first thought, but when your redecorating your house and changing your colour scheme, you might decide you need to change the colour of your fittings! If you’re looking keep your current fittings, or just want to save on the pennies, then try your hand at spray painting your light fittings! If your fittings are a dated gold colour and your looking to try silver, or you want to shake it up, from a simple cream to a neon pink, there are plenty of spray paints that you could use!

Just make sure your sand down what your spraying and follow the instructions!

Upcycling Pallets!

If you’re looking to be more eco-conscious, you might look to jump on the pallet trend! Many home DIYers have been looking at turning old industrial pallets into useful home furniture! Try transforming a pallet into a bench and table set! Or reconstruct them into the useful shelves! If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try your hand at creating your very own garden shed! The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to give your Pallet DIY projects a good sand down before you use them, or else you may find yourself sitting on a splinter!

Plumbing your Pipes

Outside of the realm of DIY projects, a little bit of upskilling yourself is also an option. Whilst it may seem daunting, a little bit of plumbing skills can help prevent an unexpected bill when one of your pipes begins to leak! You can learn the skill of tightening up your pipes, and unclogging your sinks with various tutorials both online and in books. One popular guide is the “Plumbing for Dummies” from the Dummies Series, which breaks down the skill to its bare elements, and can help even a novice pick up some skills.

All in all, when it comes to saving a bit of dosh, DIY is an ideal way to go! You can save a little money rather than replace otherwise functional furniture, and learning some simple DIY skills can help needless and pricy calls to a tradesman for relatively simple fixes. Give it a go! Share your DIY attempts with #DIYLeagueTable, and rate your attempt!