The Most Common Home Maintenance Problems and Repairs

Buying a house or becoming a landlord are both very exciting things in life. However, both also come with their own set of issues, mainly when it comes to maintenance and repair. It’s crucial to know a lot about what to expect and how to notice issues before they become big problems. Knowing about the most common issues can save you a lot of money and teach you just how to react in an emergency to save your possessions and your loved ones from harm. So here’s a little guide on the most common home maintenance problems and repairs you can expect as a homeowner or landlord: 

Faulty wiring

Electricity is absolutely necessary for any modern home, but it can be quite fickle. Not only is your electricity supply susceptible to surges and outages due to storms and damage to power lines, but you can also suffer from bad wiring in the house—it’s a very common problem. For instance, your outlet can sometimes stop supplying you with energy. Or you can end up with a burned part of the wiring. Overexertion of the network can also be an issue, causing your fuses to blow. No matter what your electricity issue is, don’t try to save money or test your DIY skills. It’s always better to call professional electricians to take a look at your wiring, identify an issue and start with repairs. 

Leaky faucets

Even though they are extremely annoying, leaky and drippy faucets are not hard to remedy. This is definitely one of the most common household maintenance issues, and almost all of us had to deal with it at one time or another. Your tap might be leaking and dripping for many reasons, most of which you can resolve alone with a few simple tools and a YouTube tutorial. 

Blocked drains

Leaky faucets are not the only common plumbing issue. As a matter of fact, blocked drains can be even more frustrating, and they can cause some serious damage to your property. If you notice your drain emptying slower than usual or not accepting water at all, you have a few options to try out. You can pour some chemicals for unclogging, do some plunging or grab a drain snake. If nothing works, there are experts who know how to deal with all sorts of blocked drains and other plumbing issues. Professionals have all the latest tech that can remove even the most suborn of blockages and allow your drains to flow freely. 

Mold and mildew

Mildew is actually a specific type of mold, one of the most common ones that bother homeowners and landlords. Mildew is a type of surface mold, ranging from gray to black, mostly found in high-humidity places (around windows, bathrooms, damp walls, etc.). If you can prevent mold, do so, because getting rid of it is not an easy task. Also, once it appears, it can release toxic spores and fumes that can cause allergies, respiratory issues, and flu-like symptoms. 

Expect to invest quite some time and effort into getting rid of mold, starting with your regular bleach. It can destroy various types of mold and remove discoloration. However, don’t work with this chemical without previously reading the label—it might often need to be diluted and it’s not friendly to certain materials. You can also try specialized products that kill mold.

Appliance malfunction

Today, an average household has dozens of appliances, all of which can malfunction for various reasons. Some are too old, others have programming issues, while the third kind might be suffering from power surges or wiring issues. In some cases, the best and only solution is to get a new appliance and safely dispose of the old one. Other times, you can call a repair service to come and look at your appliance. Many appliances, especially bigger ones like washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers, heaters and air conditioners, are worth fixing so you can prolong their life and ensure they work at their highest capacity. However, when upgrading, keep sustainability in mind. New Energy Star appliances are much better at saving resources, less prone to failure and more reliable. 


This can be every homeowner’s biggest nightmare, especially if you’re squeamish. Pests like rats, mice, snakes, bugs, insects and even bats can infest your home or rental property and wreak havoc. Termites are probably the smallest yet most destructive of all pests. These insects eat wood and love warm, damp and dark corners of the house. Most homes in Australia, North America and South America are susceptible to these pests due to their climate. And the biggest issue with termites is that they are hard to spot until it’s too late because they hide inside walls, beams and floors. However, they can be caught early if you inspect your property and call exterminators ASAP. 

Hopefully, knowing about these most common maintenance issues and repairs can turn you from a basic property owner to a dedicated homeowner and expert landlord. Sharpen your eyes and tools, and get to maintaining!