The Different Types of Ceiling Fans Explained

Are you planning to buy a ceiling fan?

Having a ceiling fan in your home is an ideal way of keeping everything cool during the summer. It can even warm your home during winter by circulating hot air in your ceiling with its reverse setting.

If you’re looking for a simple way of maintaining a year-round average temperature, you should get one. The only hard part is looking at which ceiling fan to choose. They all have a different style, color, and finish under the sun, which you may struggle with.

There are different types of ceiling fans available for your home or workplace. Regardless of your needs, you can find the perfect ceiling fan for your space. You can find out more by reading this article.

Standard Ceiling Fans

Standard Ceiling fans are the common types of ceiling fans among homeowners. These ceiling fans come in a variety of styles to help you match your current home decor. Standard ceiling fan colors are available in nickel, auburn, and black and white.

Their defining features are the built-in light and five-blade design. These fans can even have a down rod installation that maintenance the fan’s place. If the fan does have a light attached, you can get a custom shading installed to fit better with the decor.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Low profile ceiling fans are often called hugger or flush mount fans. These types of fans are often used in homes that have less than eight feet tall ceilings. It’s placed onto the mounting bracket together with a down rod to keep the fan secured.

With the fan’s blades so close to the ceiling, the air movement won’t be that great. However, it will still serve as a useful home decor to move cool or warm air around the room.

You can also have this kind of ceiling fan customize. The only problem you will need to worry about is its down-rod. The wrong customization can increase the fan’s chances of falling.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

As its name states, Dual Motor Ceiling Fans have two motors. This kind of ceiling fan has a central motor with two rods on each side. The rods serve to adjust the fan’s head when turning around.

These fans have sets that allow you to set your preferred rotation speeds. They also come with more decorations than the standard single-motor ceiling fans.

You can see these fans used in public places because of their ability to circulate air around fast. If you’re thinking of buying a ceiling fan of this kind, make sure to check its specs.

Dual motor ceilings fans, especially for outdoors, fall under two ratings: damp and wet. We’ll expound more on this later.

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Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Energy Star Ceiling Fans are profile options that you can get with standard and low ceiling fans. This kind of ceiling fan for homes is better for the environment compared to other units. It also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

This kind of fan has efficient motors and aerodynamic blades that help them use less energy. For a product to have an Energy Star rating, it needs to only use less than 20-30% energy from federal standards.

The Environmental Protection Agency made this to help you know that it’s well tested. When it uses less energy, it means that the environment will benefit from it more.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans are the best choice for people with disabilities. It’s also the only ceiling that can come with all different types of ceiling fans. The remote-controlled fans can vary from model to model.

Some of the remote-controlled fans will have up to 40 or 50 feet. It functions like a smart fan, which you can access even from far away. You can adjust the fan’s speed, direction and switch its light off and on.

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans

If you live in a humid location and want an outdoor ceiling plan, consider getting a wet or damp ceiling fan. This kind of ceiling fan has motors that resist moisture and humidity, which can damage most fans.

You can often see these kinds of fans having unique designs. These ceiling fans have no shortage of style, from traditional or contemporary. They’re also useful for rooms that don’t get precipitation but can produce humid air.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan for more air circulation in the office, you can get a commercial ceiling fan. The fan occupies large spaces, covering wide spaces and a height ranging from 10 to 25 feet.

During summer, commercial fans provide proper airflow. It reduces the room’s temperature by 8 degrees.

It’s the ideal ceiling fan for large spaces that don’t provide air conditioning. In the winter, the fans can move the opposite direction, helping bring warm air.

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The scorching heat in summer can become unbearable due to a lack of air. This is why getting an outdoor ceiling fan will help you during this hot season. It also makes a great decoration piece for your patio or porch and can have a light built into it.

Outdoor ceiling fans can come in many different styles. It can be of traditional or contemporary styles or a mix of both.

If you’re going to get a ceiling fan with lights, consider what kind of bulb you will be using. You can get LED light bulbs to save more money.

What Are the Different Types of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great decorations that help improve your room and maintain an even temperature. It conserves energy, makes the room larger, and focuses the focal point of the room. Buy a ceiling fan today and enjoy the benefits of having one.

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We hope this guide helps in knowing the different types of ceiling fans. Are you looking for another kind of home decoration? You can check other posts to find more tips in improving your home or workspace.

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