The Different Types of Artificial Grass, Explained

Are you tired of having to mow and water your lawn all the time? Artificial grass might be the solution to your problem. You’ll gain a lush, green lawn that doesn’t require fertilizers or costly care.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of artificial grass!

Go with Nylon for Durability

If you’re looking to create a putting green or another durable surface, nylon is the right choice. It is one of the strongest types of artificial grass, and it’s able to handle inclement weather. Especially for hot climates with intense sunshine, nylon is a resilient choice.

Nylon won’t fade from the sunlight. And its stiff composition won’t soften over time, either. Be aware that its durability may come with a higher price tag, however.

The main downside is that because nylon grass is so sturdy, it may not look as natural. As a solution, consider an artificial grass that blends nylon with another type. That way you’ll get the ultimate combination of durability and beauty.

Types of Artificial Grass Include Polyethylene

When it comes to different types of artificial grass, polyethylene may be the most natural. And better yet, it can be more durable than nylon. While you won’t need to mow polyethylene grass, you will want to rake it to remove litter or leaves.

If you’re willing to pay a higher price for a natural look, polyethylene may be the best artificial grass. The texture is softer than other options and it’s difficult to tell that it’s artificial.

And if you know you’ll be spending time in the yard, don’t worry. Polyethylene can withstand foot traffic better than any other. Consider this option for spacious yards that you don’t want to mow!

Polypropylene is Budget Friendly

For a lower-cost option, try polypropylene. While it is the cheaper choice, it comes with some disadvantages. For starters, it has a lower melting point, which means that it may lose its textured look under hot summer skies.

Additionally, it won’t hold up as well to foot traffic. Do you have lots of pets and kids? A few afternoon play sessions can cause this artificial grass to look flatter.

If you have a smaller lawn that’s purely decorative, polypropylene could be a wise choice. Just understand that it may not hold up for as long.

Turn to an artificial grass supplier to find the most options when you’re looking for the best artificial grass. While it may be tempting to go with a solid green artificial grass, consider mixing a few different tones. You’ll achieve a more natural look!

Find the Best Artificial Grass for Your Needs

When you’re investigating different types of artificial grass, consider your needs first. If you’re going for a natural look, check the pile height and color to avoid an artificial appearance. With artificial grass, you can cut down on maintenance without compromising on quality!

For more tips to keep your property in good shape, check back for new articles.

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