The 5 Warning Signs of a Collapsed Drain

Drain problems can cause extensive damage to a property, both inside and out. It may be difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem – or even whether there is one at all – but neglecting a collapsed drain for a long period of time might result in a hefty repair charge.

A collapsed drain is on the more problematic end of the drain damage spectrum, and you should call an experienced plumber as soon as possible. It is obviously beneficial to be aware of the causes of a collapsed drain; so here, we have developed a list of common signs to look out for to help you in assessing whether or not your drain has collapsed.

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1. Blockages and backups

Collapsed drains as you might expect, are unable to work properly. Depending on the severity of the damage, clogs and sewage backups may become a regular occurrence.  Drains that have collapsed may be to blame if you discover that your drains are backing up on an ongoing basis. It should be possible to see any damage or warping in your drains that need to be fixed through visual inspection.

2. There is a bad smell

It is possible that a severe sewerage stench in or around your home or building is caused by a break or collapse someplace in your drainage system. Because an undamaged and hygienic drain system will be sealed, you should never notice any unpleasant odors coming from it. If you can smell it, there is an issue.

3. Sinking in the yard or on the lawn is an issue.

 A depression in your yard or under your concrete walkways and lawn is one indication that your drain has collapsed. An overflowing pipe mainline that is routinely filling the ground with water, generating evident sinkage, may be to blame for the dispersal of soil. Subsidence is the technical term for this.

4. Patches of lush green grass

The presence of exceptionally lush and green patches of grass in your yard could indicate that there is a sewage leak beneath, possibly caused by a collapsed drain, that needs to be addressed. It is possible that leakage from your main line will seep into the surrounding soil, supplying the grass with additional nutrients and giving it a lusher and greener look.

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5. Structural damage and cracks to your property

More severe indicators of a drain pipe collapse include foundation issues such as cracks or settlements in your foundation slab, foundation settlement, and, in certain cases, sinkholes, among others.

If the main drain that runs under your foundation develops an untreated leak and remains untreated for an extended period of time, a big void under the foundation or in the yard may result.

When you have a collapsed drainage pipe, it is vital to catch it as soon as possible because the cost of restoring it, as well as the inconvenience it creates, is extremely high. The early discovery of collapsed drainage systems may help you to save money on the cost of repair or replacement in the long run.