Thai Gambling Law’ has been in use for 86 years and is lagging.

No less frightening than the new wave of COVID- 19 situation is the “gambling problem” in Thai society, including regular offline gambling such as gambling and underground lottery, and online gambling from online gaming sites. And various applications That seem to be booming whenever there is homework or online learning at home.

Recently, even in field hospitals, the detention of the viral disease of cattle Safavid 19 also gathered a band by playing cards to earn the unemployed do not care measures in the social space or Social Distancing.

While hacking, arresting, or shutting down gambling websites and applications, but can’t arrest and punish the dealer, casino owner, place owner. Even the owner of the gambling website sees it as evidence. This is partly because Thailand’s anti-gambling laws are still lagging. inconsistent with the current situation

This is because Thailand has the first official gambling law, The Gambling Act. Prof. 2473 onwards is updated only one time and promulgated in the Government Gazette called. “Gambling Act, B.E. 2478”

After that, although the matter has been raised and discussed several times in many governments. But there has never been a formal modernization of gambling laws until now.

Even the “Working Group to consider the problem of gambling and online gambling” in the Commission on Law, Justice and Human Rights. House of Representatives with Arun Sawasdee, MP for Songkhla, Palang Pracharat Party, the chairman invited relevant experts to discuss improving the Thai gambling law to be effective.

On this matter, Phongsatorn Chantharasmee, project manager of the National Public Health Foundation (NSC) as an advisor to the working group to consider gambling and online slots (สล็อตออนไลน์). Discuss the results of the study progress. Initially, the working group has proposed a guideline to overhaul “New LAW For New Normal” in managing and supervising eight gambling problem situations with six ways to raise the law.

 For eight problem gambling situations that Thailand is facing

  • Gambling around the city, underground, on the ground, online at the border, including those that come with various solicitation advertisements
  • Laws and regulatory mechanisms lag behind the situation and have been in use for more than 86 years without any improvements.
  • Penalties for the dealer, invitees, illegal gambling players There was a minor penalty, a maximum fine of not more than 5,000 baht, and most were sentenced. The petty case resulted in no fear.
  • Lack of proactive incentives for officers and whistleblowers Make the outbreak of illegal gambling heavily invaded
  • Law enforcement regulatory mechanisms are separate, non-integrated, and more passive.
  • Lack of monitoring system for solving gambling problems continuously at specific points
  • No defense mechanism Awareness Mechanism the National Problem Gambling Research System continues to include health support for people affected by gambling.
  • There is no system, measure, a mechanism to support new types of gambling management. that may lead to permitted or disallowed gambling in the future.

While five guidelines to overhaul problem gambling in Thailand, the Working Group considers that.

  • There must be a new gambling law. The structure of the law must define a definition. And the nature of gambling to support the interpretation of the types of gambling that exist today, including a gambling control management system, hearing aid, and modern penalties, are in line with the situation.
  • Increase penalties to be more comprehensive, thorough, and consistent with the Thai context, such as considering player penalties according to the nature of the gambling size. While the dealer or the organizer of the play has to face a heavier penalty, including online inviters, and there is a fine of 10 percent of the gambling group.
  • There is a fund to help people affected by gambling health. and a fund to develop research related to gambling in all dimensions. They also need to increase the campaign—promotion of preventive measures and measures to suppress gambling.
  • There is an integrated mechanism for law enforcement measures. including the policy ready to be presented to the Cabinet To improve the problem of gambling in Thai society continuously
  • There are mechanisms for regulating, permitting, and regulating permitted gambling. And that is not allowed both at the national and provincial level with the approval of the Cabinet.

Phongsatorn said he supported the government. Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, pushed for the amendment of the new gambling law to be completed. As for the National Public Health Foundation or NHSO, they view the gambling business as a business that affects society. Gamblers have a chance of developing a gambling addiction, which is a psychiatric disorder and leads to other mental health effects.