Some Interesting Facts about Christmas for Kids

Kids always look forward to Christmas day. Christmas is a great festival. Especially kids get so much excited. Because they get a gift from Santa Claus, another thing is they get more gifts from others and decorate their house very nicely. Christmas day is a holiday. So, kid spent their time playing and decorates their house with a particular thing. In this time kids use so many things for color their home, and Christmas coloring pages is the most important all of them.

This day is the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is the annual holiday to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. 25th December is color as the day of Jesus birthday. This birthday mark by the Roman Catholic Church years after the death of Jesus Christ. This holiday celebrates all over the world by Christians.

By the Egyptians and Romans, Christmas trees first used. They use fir or pine trees, and you can say they use green trees ever for this celebration. In the 16th century, in Germany start to use the modern Christmas tree. They decorated the tree with fruits and nuts and different types of lights.

This day is all about receiving the gift for children from Santa Claus. The character of Santa Claus comes from St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was the Christian bishop who provides goods as a gift for the poor people. On that time he also provides gifts for the children because he loves the children most. Now people imagine that guy as Santa Clause.

When baby Jesus born, he received so many gifts from others. People till now follow this gift-giving as trend and rule. At the time of Jesus birth, a bright star shone in the sky, and three kings followed this to make their long journey.

Not mandatory to wear a red dress for Santa Claus

Everyone knows that Santa Clause wears a red dress. But in this time they also wear green, purple or blue attire. For several years all those color is a prevalent theme for all the jolly older man at the place of North Pole. Kids are also made Santa Clause by using Christmas coloring pages.

People give a card with their gift.

The card helps to convey feelings by good wishes. Card exchange is one of the most funs in Christmas. Kids like to make their cars in handcraft way. By the card, they can easily express feeling to the close person, and everyone enjoys it. People save money through the year for a gift other in this day. This main material of make the card is Christmas coloring pages.

Traditional food for Christmas

In this festival, Christian people arrange different types of delicious food. But the traditional food in England and Turkey for this special day is pig’s head covered with mustard. The cake is always there for kids. They arrange customs and traditional meals. Kids spend the happiest moment in this day with delicious food: much plum cake, chocolate also decorated in the Christmas tree. Christmas day is as like a special day for the kids.

Some festive idea to decorate the house

  • Put sting light on the tree to look your home inside and outside more beautiful.
  • You can also decorate your home with ornaments.
  • You can decorate your Christmas tree with some popcorn chain or garland.
  • You can use different types of tree topper to look at your tree more unique.
  • Around the bottom of the tree decorating.
  • The important thing is to keep clean your house in the festive day.

From the detail of the article, you may know some important information about Christmas day. You can also do something unique by decorating your house by use Christmas coloring pages.