Signs Your New Air Conditioning Unit Isn’t Working Properly

In 2019, the number of new air conditioners grew by 47% compared to the previous year. When you buy a new unit, you expect everything to work. Unfortunately, you could still experience air conditioner problems.

Here are five common signs you need air conditioning maintenance. By keeping track of these issues, you can get help before the unit breaks down.

Don’t let the temperature rise! Instead, determine if you need heating and air conditioning maintenance by reading this guide.

  1. It Constantly Breaks Down

Does your air conditioning unit constantly start and stop, start and stop? Does it feel like you just called an air conditioning service? Constant repairs could indicate you have a faulty unit.

Otherwise, you might want to consider scheduling regular maintenance.

Routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of your unit. Without routine checkups, however, small problems can build into bigger ones.

You might have to replace the entire unit, which is far more expensive.

  1. Your Energy Bill is Up

Air conditioners use about 6% of all electricity produced in the US. Meanwhile, air conditioning leads to $29 billion in costs each year.

Pay attention to your energy bill. Is it falling and rising month over month? Do you feel like you’re paying more than usual?

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive energy consumers within your home. If you notice a spike, call for air conditioning maintenance right away.

There’s like a problem with the unit.

  1. It Squeaks and Stinks

Air conditioner problems can become a major source of stress, especially if you’re expecting guests. Paying attention to your unit can ensure you get ahead of problems before they get worse.

For example, is your unit noisy? If it grinds, clanks, or clunks, there’s like something wrong.

You might notice your home has started to smell. If you can’t detect the source of the problem, check your HVAC unit.

A smell might mean bacteria is growing on the AC coil.

  1. The Air Isn’t Cool

There are a number of reasons your AC unit might fail to produce cool heat. For example, you might have:

  • Condenser issues
  • A leaking duct
  • Low refrigerant
  • Leaking refrigerant

Schedule heating and air conditioning maintenance right away. Otherwise, your AC unit will work overtime to produce cool air. Your energy bill might rise as a result.

  1. Constant Allergies

Is your family dealing with allergy issues? There are possibly contaminants in the air that are triggering your allergies. Your HVAC unit’s filter should catch these dust mites, dander, and pollen.

If it’s failing to filter outdoor air, get your unit checked to improve your home’s air quality.

Did you recently buy a new unit that isn’t working? You could have grounds for a legal claim.

You can check it out here.

Time for Repairs: 5 Air Conditioner Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you dealing with any of these air conditioner problems? Don’t ignore them. Instead, call for heating and air conditioning maintenance right away.

Getting your unit checked can help you avoid bigger, more expensive issues.

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