Saddleman Custom Seat Covers: Urban or Jungle?

It is without a doubt that car seats need total protection to ensure their longevity. All vehicles, not just trucks but also all-time classics need their seats protected. Second-hand car dealerships have insisted on untarnished interior upholstery. It is often the first place they look before settling on a price. Thus, protecting your original seats is paramount in boosting your car’s resale value.

Seat protection is not only important in boosting a vehicle’s resale value but also its visual aesthetics. You may buy a car but the original seat colours aren’t quite to your liking. Now, re-upholstering will cost you half the world, but installing seat covers will cost you a fraction of a dime. Seat covers are a cheaper way to improve your vehicle’s interior look.

In addition, seat covers also protect the seats from elements like heat, UV-rays, as well as moisture damage and relative wear and tear from prolonged use. Moisture damage comes in many forms from spills to mud and rain. Kids also have their share of seat damaging, through food particles, dirt tracks. Pets aren’t left behind in the act either, from claw marks, shed fur and in case of sickness, vomit and diarrhoea.

Now, back to the pressing issue, urban or jungle? It’s not surprising that you are confused about the question asked. In car accessory terms, the question represents leather seat covers or camouflage seat covers.

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Leather vs. Camouflage Seat Covers

Leather seat covers are all about luxury and urban lifestyle. If you live in urban settings and commute daily leather is durable guaranteeing resistance against wear and tear. Leather is non-porous, it doesn’t absorb spills, and thus can easily be cleaned in case of spills and wet mud. Moreover, leather is durable and never loses its lustre as long as you are maintaining it as recommended.

Leather seat covers add sophistication and class to your ride, and I’m pretty sure your passengers would love being in your ride. Furthermore, leather is a luxury item that significantly boosts your vehicle resale value.

Camouflage, on the other hand, symbolizes the off-grid, it appeals to those who love the jungle and possess the adventurous spirit. Camouflage or camo seat covers come in a variety of patterns that represent the vastness of nature. The jungle here represents all the natural make-up that isn’t tied to the urban setting. If you are a hunter hiking the trail seeking prey, or a fisherman who loves the aquatic scenery, Saddleman has the ideal camouflage print for you.

Camo seat covers are also durable and resist moisture absorption. They are also UV resistant and can withstand regular use and abuse.

So, What’s the Difference?

Indeed, the aforementioned seat covers provide protection and are durable, but there exist clear contractions between them. Leather on one hand is ideal if you don’t have pets and live where temperature ranges are mild. Since leather is expensive, intricate care and maintenance are required to promote its durability. Camouflage, on the other hand, is rugged, not requiring much care and very much adapted to kids and pets. Camo seat covers are also cheap compared to the former.

In the end, your choice of seat covers will be determined by the environment you are in and the nature of vehicle use. Saddleman customisation provides the perfect fit based on your vehicle’s dimensions. Moreover, each seat cover has its unique finish, there is no chance of sagging or wrinkling.

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