Rocket League Tutorial and Tips for Beginners

In this guide, find out everything you need to know to improve on Rocket League (RL) when you are a beginner. Take the time to read my advice, and you will quickly improve with a little practice!

How to hit well in Rocker League? How to improve your shots?

Here is the main question all newbies ask themselves: How do you shoot Rocket League well? Here are a few tips :

  • You have to hit the ball with the right part of the car when you hit. We will always try to strike with the front face of the bumper, or with the corners of the bumper (“corner attack”). This is where we will be able to transmit the maximum power to the ball when we come to hit it. If you hit with another area of the car it will be very difficult to frame.
  • You have to have the right timing. The trick is to wait for the rebound before you come to strike. In this way, you will transmit the maximum power to the ball.
  • Positioning is also very important. Wait until you are upright in front of the cages to strike. You will much more often frame this way!

What’s the best car in Rocket League?

The choice of car in Rocket League depends on your play style. Each player has their favorite car! Overall, the Octane is the community’s best Rocket League car and also the most expensive cars costing over 10k Rocket League credits in trading market. Players are also very fond of Fennec in Rocket League, but it is a paid car!

Learn to position yourself and wait for the right moment to go to the ball

The mistake most beginners make is chasing the ball the whole game. Just like a regular soccer game, take a job, analyze the situation, and get started at the right time! If your whole team is having fun chasing the ball the whole game, you are going to be totally disorganized, defeat is guaranteed … and 0 fun to play.

So, assign yourself roles with your teammates from the start of the game (for example telling yourself that one player stays on the left side, the other on the right side etc.). Ideally, play with the same players as much as possible, because the more you play together, the more automatisms you will find!

How do you get the ball back at the throw-off in Rocket League?

To get the ball back at the throw-off in Rocket League, you need to make turns to get a speed boost. This technique will allow you to be faster than your opponent and thus recover the ball more easily! On reliable Rocket League items trading store –, you can get free Rocket League items and credits.

Learn to hamper opponents to make it easier for the ball carrier

Much like American football, when one of your teammates goes on goal, you can embarrass your opponents. You can even even detonate them using the boost, which will knock them out for a few seconds! In this way, nobody will come to cut the trajectory of your teammate, who can go straight to the goal.

Note that professional players often assign the role of destroyer to one of the team members!

How to defend well on Rocket League?

To progress in defense in Rocket League, Youtubeur Bouzi shows you the training sessions to perform, which will allow you to improve.

Learn to use the handbrake to turn around quickly

The handbrake (square or X control depending on your console) allows you to turn around quickly, and get back in the direction of the game with a slight boost.

Also use this command when you lose your balance in your car. The handbrake will help you quickly regain your balance.

Learn how to make good passes on Rocket League

Rocket League is a team game. Don’t just learn to shoot, and practice making good passes. You will see, making a good assist is as fun as scoring a Rocket League goal;).

Learn to fly on Rocket League

By performing a boosted jump with the left stick, you will be able to cross the court much faster, but it will also allow you to retrieve the ball when it is in the air.

Mastering the flight takes a lot of training, especially to find the right timing!

Be careful, if you miss the ball during a jump, you risk staying in the air for a while longer, which will allow your opponent to recover the ball on the ground and go quietly to the goal … So, I advise you to limit jumps when you are starting out, as this technique may do you more harm than good!

Change camera depending on the situation

Try to alternate the camera mode depending on the situation:

  • In defense, opt for the ball camera;
  • In attack, it is often preferable to unlock the car view.

In reality, there isn’t really a rule, it’s up to you to find the right camera for you!

If you’re interested, here’s a basic camera setting used a lot by Rocket League players (hybrid camera: not too close, not too far back):

A few tips :

  • Turn off camera shake, which disrupts the game more than anything else!
  • Set the transition speed to around 1.50, which allows faster switching between the balloon camera and the car camera.

Learn how to properly use the boost in Rocket League

To use the power-ups on Rocket Lague, just hover over one of the circles on the map, and press the turbo button.

Be careful not to abuse the turbo because it is not unlimited: use it for example for counter-attacking actions to gain speed against the opponent!