Renovating Your Home: A Guide to Debris Removal

How does that one song go? Oh, dirty mountain of travesty? That doesn’t sound right, but that pile of debris building up in the lawn is starting to intimidate the neighbors. 

Renovating your home involves a lot of stuff that not a lot of people are accustomed to doing. There are permits that need signing, walls that need erecting, and junk that needs to be hauled off. So, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Don’t be. Here’s a quick, dirty guide on how to perfect the debris removal process.

Make a Tough Decision: DIY or a Team?

Some people don’t like getting their hands dirty. It’s not for everyone, and professionals know this. Trash disposal isn’t as cheap as it sounds, because not a lot of people want to do it themselves. 

Hiring a team of professionals will typically run your a few hundred dollars for a few hours of work. If you can, shop around. A local company that’s new to the area may do it for discounted rates to get their name out there. 

But, there’s value in doing it yourself. A day’s work can feel relieving, especially in the process of renovating a home: small accomplishes are otherworldly. And, most importantly, it’ll save you some money.

Get a Dumpster

It might not be too common of knowledge, but you can rent a dumpster as a citizen. It doesn’t require much, or if any, contractual agreements or company ordinances. The best place to find where you can rent a dumpster is online; check your local shops, too. 

The dumpster is the most essential tool in trash removal. It’s easily transportable and versatile enough to fit anything you throw at it (or in it). A lot of companies also offer dumpster pick-up services that take your load to the trash and the dumpster back to their warehouse. 

Moving all of the construction waste is not feasible in a non-commercial car. It doesn’t matter if you have a pick-up — get a dumpster. 

Safety and Environmentally-Friendly Debris Removal

One thing that should concern you the most is safety. It should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind on a construction site. This is especially true when there are amateurs involved. Rubbish Removal Northern Beaches specialists recommend that investing in professional help can save a lot of heartache and time on clean-up day. While the initial outlay may be slightly more, the convenience of having the waste removed and disposed of responsibly more than offsets any extra expense.

A lot of debris in the house is dangerous to inhale. Dust and asbestos (from older houses) can cause debilitating, life-altering diseases. Wear proper masks and respirators when dealing with the stuff.

Also, be careful of the nails. It might sound silly, but they’re deceptively sneaky. They’ll get you if you’re not paying attention.

If you’re conscious about it, you can also reuse or recycle the waste. A lot of the debris is reusable and shouldn’t be tossed into a dump. Separate your recyclables for a healthier clean-up. 

Junk Be-Gone!

There’s a lot that goes into renovating a home, and it can often overwhelm a homeowner. Debris removal is no different — there are some things you should know.

Consider hiring a team, always use a dumpster, and practice good safety and environmentally-conscious practices. 

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