Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you want new cabinets or to reface your old ones, there are a number of factors to consider before getting your new kitchen cabinets installed. Here are some tips to ensure your cabinets look great and last for many years. Light maintenance can keep your kitchen cabinets looking like new for years. For example, you should clean the cabinet faces regularly with a microfiber cloth and water to remove any oils and grease that can build up on them.

Cost of installing new cabinets

If you are considering a new kitchen, you may want to consider the cost of painting the cabinets. This can save you a considerable amount of money. Painting cabinets can be as inexpensive as $2,000 compared to the cost of installing new ones. A fresh coat of paint can also transform the appearance of your kitchen.

Cabinetry costs vary by style, material, and installation. Inexpensive stock cabinets are available for less than $60 per linear foot, but they may seem boring or clash with any special features in a room. Stock cabinets may also have minor design flaws, so make sure you measure your space carefully and use a cabinet specialist. A more expensive option may cost up to $12,500 per linear foot.

New cabinets may not be worth this much if they are replayed, but you can give them a new look with new hardware. The installation process takes approximately an hour, and you can save up to $500 if you are able to install them yourself. You can also add crown molding to make them look more elegant.

Cost of refinishing existing cabinets

Cabinet makers in South Africa that install new and resprayed quality kitchens can be an inexpensive option when remodeling your kitchen. While it isn’t as elegant as a full-scale kitchen remodel, it can give you an updated appearance without the expense of new cabinets. Often, this option is appropriate for old laminate cabinets that aren’t in the best shape.

A basic paint job on your existing cabinets will cost between $5 and $10 per square foot, and you should be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars more for materials and supplies. In addition to paint, refinishing requires sanding, applying putty, and repairing structural defects.

Cabinet doors can be refinished, too. One way to keep costs down is to paint only those panels that you don’t see, such as the dishwasher cabinet panel. Other examples of hidden cabinet panels include those next to the refrigerator or the side panel next to the dishwasher. However, even those panels aren’t as visible, so they can be painted to complete the look.

Cost of prefacing cabinets

Cabinets is a great way to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. The process involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. It may also involve covering exposed face frames. It takes about two to four days and does not require demolition of the old cabinets. You can even replace the hardware. Cabinet refacing is also an excellent way to give your kitchen or bathroom a more contemporary look without changing the cabinet structure.

The cost of cabinets depends on many factors, including the size of the cabinets. The type of refinishing you choose will also determine how much you spend. Some refacing contractors charge less than others, so it is important to compare prices. You’ll also need to consider the quality of your cabinets.

Cabinets will cost you a fraction of the cost of installing new custom cabinets. Additionally, it is a more eco-friendly option. New cabinets typically contain MDF, a material that contains harmful formaldehyde. During the process, you can keep the cabinet boxes, which means fewer chemicals are used during the process.

Cost of painting cabinets

Painting cabinets can be a relatively inexpensive home improvement project. You can buy inexpensive acrylic paint for about $15 per gallon. It doesn’t require priming or sealing, and it dries quickly. It’s also available in a variety of colors and finishes. You’ll need two coats of paint for optimum coverage. However, it’s not as strong as oil-based paint, and it may chip or crack easily.

Depending on the type of material used for kitchen cabinets, the cost of painting cabinets will vary. For example, the price for painting lower cabinets will be higher than for painting upper cabinets. However, the price of painting upper cabinets will be less than half of that for lower cabinets.


It’s important to understand that the cost of painting cabinets in new and restrained quality kitchens will depend on the condition of the cabinetry. If the cabinets are badly damaged, the cost of painting them will be significantly higher than if they’re in good condition. Professional cabinet painting companies also have to prep the cabinets for finish coats before they can be painted.