Popular Kinds Of Birthday Cakes 

Birthdays are one such milestone in everyone’s life that everyone wishes to celebrate in the most memorable manner. Among other things that are taken into consideration, birthday cakes tend to top the list. No birthday celebration can ever be marked complete without having a show stopping birthday cake. Everyone seems to go through their first birthday cake memory and relive those moments when they grow up through a birthday video. From the first to the 100th birthday, every birthday is said to be celebrated in the most heartwarming manner by someone special baking a birthday cake in the honor of the birthday boy/girl. Or order it online over some reputed bakery’s website along with cake delivery in Chennai or wherever they reside. If you too are planning to throw a birthday bash for someone dear, then here are a few popular kinds of birthday cakes to celebrate your birthday moments over with. Visit Here: pressbin.net

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  1. Pinata Cakes – Everyone loves it when they are pampered with something trending yet delicious as pinata cakes. The entire concept of breaking a pinata to relish the cake present inside it seems to be quite fascinating. Quite just like any other cakes, pinata cakes come in different shapes, sizes and flavors. Pinata cakes come along with a wooden hammer to help you break open into your celebrations.
  2. Pull Me Up Cakes – The news fad which has entered into the baking industry and has taken the world up by a roar is pull me up cake. These kinds of cakes come wrapped up with a thin transparent plastic sheet and further topped off with chocolate sauce. So that when the sheet is pulled upwards and the sauce drops on top of the cake, making it a delightful choice of birthday cake.
  3. Designer Cakes –  If it’s a theme party, then make sure to get yourself a designer cake matching the theme of the birthday party. It will surely be a major hit. You can get various cartoon cakes coming in and as designer cakes such as Doraemon cake, Chota Bheem cake, Frozen cake, Barbie Cake, Princess cake, Cars cake and more. Fondant roll is used to prepare these designer cakes.
  4. Naked Cakes – Having a very minimalistic appeal, naked cakes tend to make it to the highlight of birthday parties. It is known for its zero to minimal frosting and exposing the cake layers while decking the cake beautifully with edible flowers and other such rustic appealing toppings. It requires minimal efforts of decorating and is ready in no time.
  5. Photo Cakes – Throughout the lifetime of a person, one makes plenty of beautiful memories. Photo cakes tend to feature some of those nostalgia stricken memories as a topping over a scrumptiously baked cake. The photo is printed with edible ink so that one can relish it along with the cake. It is sure to help you win a birthday boy/girl’s heart on his/her special day.
  6. Number Cakes – Every milestone is special and what would make it even more special than celebrating it over a special number cake? Number cakes are quite popular across little one’s as well as elder’s birthday parties. You can get a number of cakes made in fondant variations as well as buttercream one. Visit The Site: gofornews.net
  7. Alphabet Cakes – Alphabet cakes are fancy kind of birthday cakes that are usually tart based cakes which are filled with delicious mascarpone cream, decorated with fresh fruits, meringue, flowers and more. It looks super trendy and is perfect to be clicked and posited over Instagram and flaunt others. It is perfect not just to celebrate birthday parties but also other special occasions of our as well as our loved one’s lives.
  8. Poster Cakes – When you want to convey a sweet message to someone dear on his/her birthday, but fall short of words. Gift a poster cake which is birthday themed to convey your heartfelt wishes. You can get the graphics of the poster cakes printed in edible ink so that one can relish it to their heart’s delight.

So, these were a few popular kinds of birthday cakes that are sure to notch up the entire vibe of the party and make it a party to remember. Read More About: venturepad.org