PDFBear: The Fastest Way To Convert Your PDF To Other Files

PDF is considered one of the most useful file formats for many offices. It is one of the best ways to share a document and archive your important files. That is why most businesses prefer to convert most of their files to PDF. Not only does it keep the integrity of your documents, but it’s also more efficient and convenient to manage your paperwork.

However, there are instances that you need to access the PDF in its original version. Surely, you can edit and update them using PDF tools but the preferences are limited. Because of that, you may need to convert them back to other file formats to make sure that you can edit them properly. Luckily for you, there’s a fast and convenient way to do that.

How to convert PDF to other formats?

With the help of an online PDF platform such as PDFBear, you can convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and even to images. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can make the modifications to make sure that you will have the most updated versions of your document. PDFBear is a web-based tool that offers a variety of options to manage and modify your PDF documents.

To convert your PDF to Word, all you need to do is to access their website. Once you are already on the homepage, you will see the option PDF to Word. Click on that function and you will be routed to a new page. From there, you just need to follow 4 simple steps to complete the process:

  1. Upload the PDF document that you want to convert. You can select the files from your computer or you can use the Drag & Drop option that is provided on the site.
  2. Once selected, the tool will automatically scan your document. It will give you a preview of what the pages will look like once you convert them.
  3. You can make necessary changes if applicable and click on Convert once you are ready to convert them. Wait for about 2 minutes, or depending on the size of your file, to finish the process.
  4. Once done, the tool will give you an option to download the document and save it on your computer or you can also share it using the URL provided on the site.

It’s as easy as that. You can conveniently convert your PDFs to other files without taking too much of your time. It is certainly one of the most effective ways to manage your PDF documents.

Benefits of using an online PDF converter

Certainly, you will find other ways to convert your PDF to other file formats. However, using an online tool such as PDFBear is one of the most efficient ways. Here are some benefits of using PDFBear:

1.   Free for minimal use

All processes done on their website are absolutely free! You will not be required to create an account or to sign in if you are going to use the tool for minimal purposes. You can use it as much as you need it at work. However, if you are interested in using the tool more often, you have the option to sign up for a Pro membership.

2.   No need to install or download a software

You will certainly save time and energy because all the processes will be done online. It means that you no longer need to install any software on your computer to do it. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. It will not occupy space on your computer plus it is basically plug-and-play.

3.   Works on all devices and operating systems

To make sure that they will cater to all types of users, PDFBear created a tool that is compatible with all types of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices. It also works perfectly on all operating systems and browsers such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and more. You no longer need to transfer from one device to another!

4.   Safe and secured

Because of the many Internet horrors that are happening online, PDFBear makes sure that its users are protected all the time. They are using an advanced security measure that deletes all the information and data uploaded on their onsite. An hour after processing it, you will not have any trace of your documents on their servers!

5.   You can do more

PDFBear is not only for converting files. There are a lot of features available on their site that will help you edit, maintain, repair, and personalize your PDF documents.

Key takeaway

Make your day-to-day life easier! By using efficient and convenient tools such as PDFBear, you can surely do more in a day. The time you waste in running your business is certainly an income lost as well. As much as possible, find helpful tools that will make more and be more.

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