If you’re a little unsure about where to start when you’re starting out with a pandora bracelet, it’s worth reading this breakdown of the base bracelet first:

Please note that I don’t have a complete beginner’s bracelet guide, But if that’s not your style, here’s the basic Pandora bracelet guide–

Pandora bracelets are created using both charms, as well as metal links. Each link in a Pandora bracelet has a particular purpose.

The clasp

Now, we can’t start this post without going over the clasp. The clasp is, without doubt, one of the most essential part of your Pandora collection. Well, depending on how much you like to wear your Pandora bracelet – which, trust me, I do, I’m going to tell you why I like the Classic Pendant.

Because, to start, the Pendant has a gorgeous floral, crystal-like design – if you’re not a fan of the gemstones, you can always swap them out for pearls or diamonds, which would, of course, just enhance the bracelet’s looks even more. But that’s just my personal preference. What’s also a good thing about this bracelet is that it’s quite easy to wear it.

Threads and clips

To understand Pandora’s selection of charms, we first have to understand the basics of what these can be used for. What you get depends on what you opt to put into the bracelet, but the basic principle can be easily found in their website:


These are the all-rounders: they’re always there for you to add in whenever you want to add something new


They’re always there to add your favourites into your bracelet, without clashing with anyone else’s


You’ll only find these when you’re buying a ‘set’ (each bracelet comes with a matching set of charms)


Charms and spacers are available in sets of ‘one’, ‘two’ and ‘three’ in three main shapes:

For example, the three coloured ones are the same shape, with different coloured ‘wires’.

Safety chains

You can purchase a range of chain lengths to choose from, and some of the smaller sizes are adjustable to fit more petite wrists.

Grace for extra-long gaps between linkages

Part of the bracelet’s popularity stems from its ability to add length to the gaps between links. Using a length of simple safety chain (that is already attached to the bracelet), simply insert a link at a specific hole, or even in a word of another string, and it will expand, which will catch the bracelet when you pull on it and lengthen the gap.