Madden Continues to Be Popular With Gamers

A new form of sport is starting to take over the United States, but this game is played entirely online. Esports continues to grow in both popularity and number of players, but one game continues to lead the way. 

When it comes to sports betting, bettors are consumed with looking at NFL point spreads, but when it comes to gaming it’s all about Madden. There have been some challengers enter the market in the past decade, but Madden has quickly put all others out of business.

Madden has completely changed the way fans of the NFL and players itself view the league. When Madden releases the player ratings each season it creates a storm of debate and controversy across many different platforms.

This is also a game that is now played in massive tournament events throughout the country, and these matchups can be viewed on ESPN or other sports networks as well. What started off as a small NFL football game has now turned into a way of life for a number of people.

Madden continues to release new updates to the game throughout the NFL season, and these dates are circled on the calendar for players. You will also hear about NFL players themselves playing this game, but not always as themselves.

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This is a game that consistently dominates headlines, even when it’s not the traditional “football” season in the United States.  Play a game on Madden, and go to BetUS and find out what the point spread for that game would be in real life NFL.

NFL Using Madden to Highlight HBCUs

Not only is Madden a popular game with gamers in the United States, but the National Football League itself is a fan. There was a big announcement recently made by the NFL, and Madden was at the center of the news.

The Madden NFL 22 X HBCU Tournament will once again be held as a way to celebrate athletes at these universities. This tournament will feature players from the 48 HBCUs in the U.S. and registration for the tournament is now open through December 3.

The NFL will be inviting the 16 finalists to Los Angeles during Super Bowl week, and those participants will be treated to a number of great perks. The players will get to spend time with coaches and NFL staff as well as meet up with the EA developers of the game. 

The final matchup will of course be available on the NFL Youtube and Twitch channel on February 12, 2022. Even though there won’t be as large of a viewing party as there will be for the Super Bowl, you can expect a large contingent of fans to be tuned in to watch.  When you go to bet on the Super Bowl, head to BetUS.

Esports started to take off a few years ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic allowed these players to compete in an isolated and safe environment. The NFL launched an initiative back in 2016 to honor HBCU athletes, and this is a great way to get the popular video game involved as well.

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Cash prizes will be awarded to the top two finalists, and they will also receive promotional and networking opportunities during Super Bowl week. 

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