LeMieux: The Leading Saddle Pad Manufacturer in the United Kingdom

LeMieux is your home for luxurious, comfortable, and visually appealing horse wear products for both the horse and the rider. Based in Hampshire, United Kingdom, the company caters to a wide market of horse enthusiasts from regular equine fanciers, competition riders, and show jumpers with our efficient and long-lasting products. LeMieux products are of premium quality, suited to meet the demands of diverse disciplines, at competitive prices suiting different budgets.

Established by an equestrian competing couple with experience competing at the highest level, Robert Lemieux and Lisa, LeMieux’s innovation aims at creating sound tried, and tested products for riders that are reasonably priced. Our equestrian products have been a choice of many world-class riders as their performance is reliable. We pride ourselves in being unrivaled in the manufacture of saddle pads, many of which have matching accessories like fly bonnets, matching wraps, and others.

Quick Facts About LeMieux Products

  • LeMieux is known for the manufacture of high-quality, brightly coloured equestrian products.
  • Essentials manufactured by LeMieux in terms of clothing and accessories are for the horse and the rider, and both males and females.
  • The horse boots and bandages that we manufacture are ideal for competitions, schooling, travel. They are made using tough materials and clever design techniques to ensure that the horse is protected from strains, knocks, and strikes, for the guaranteed top-level performance of your horse.
  • LeMieux has a range of cold and magnotherapy boots for injured horses, to help with treatment and recovery.
  • We are the experts of equestrian products, renowned for our luxurious, high-quality lambskin numnahs collection that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.
  • We are constantly updating our collection with discount equestrian and at competitive prices as well, which gets delivered to you in the soonest time possible.

Saddle Pads by LeMieux

A saddle pad also referred to as numnah, refers to fabrics that are inserted under a saddle. We stock the best quality saddle back options, with the one made of lambskin our specialty. Specifically made of 100% merino lambskin, this luxurious numnah comes in different sizes and colours. The other types of saddle pads include close contact pads, showjumping pads, GP pads, mini saddle pads, corrective pads, X-Grip system, showing pads, and acavallo gel pads.

The pads are used for different purposes:

  • Absorb sweat from under the saddle, keeping the horse’s back cool and dry.
  • Protect the horse’s back by reducing friction between the saddle and the horse’s skin.
  • Cushion the saddle for a comfortable, stable fit.

LeMieux merino pads, made from real lambskin and integrated with beautifully engineered fabrics put them in a class of their own. They are tested as per the human medical standards in a Swiss Laboratory to ensure that they are safe to use even on sensitive skins. With their beautiful, stylish designs, these saddle pads exude sophistication without even showing off.

The LeMieux collection has everything that a horse owner and every kind of rider would want.  And what’s more? You can stand out from the crowd by going all matchy-matchy with some beautiful sets of the fly hood, bandages, and boots that match your saddle pad.