Key Laws about Car Accident Laws

If you have been in an accident in Idaho, you need to a call an Idaho car accident attorney. However, before you do that, you must also undertake some legal responsibility on your own. Car accidents can be devastating experiences for both parties. People lose their lives, loved ones, lifesavings, and much more. Hence, your responsibilities can be the difference between life, and death, and legally, it will be treated as such. Below are 3 responsibilities you need to undertake after an accident. 


If you have hit a pedestrian, or your collision has resulted in injuries, you are legally bound to call the police. Moreover, in cases of collision with pedestrian, this responsibility solely lies on the shoulder of motorists. Furthermore, as a motorist, you will also be expected to offer to call legal and medical aid. You are expected to undertake all these duties once you have done your bit to escort passengers of the other car safely out of their vehicles.

On the other hand, failure to report injuries, or damage to either party can result in significant penalties later on. It can be considered recklessness on your part, and result in jail time as well. Be sure to wait for the police on the accident scene. You can take pictures of the site to ensure a thorough legal investigation. While you wait, you can take pictures of sidewalks, stop sign, or tire marks. Anything that can help you find prove negligence will be crucial later on. 

Revealing Information

When the police arrive at the scene, you need to be prepared with basic information of the incident, and everyone involved. This includes detailed description of the incident, personal information of everyone involved, and photographs of the scene. Moreover, you also need to handover any video footage of the incident, if you have any. Furthermore, you also need to provide the other driver with your insurance information, and personal information. 

Be sure to cooperate with the law in every way possible. In Idaho, it is a crime to attempt to conceal a crash. Hence, after speaking with the police, within two days, you also need to file a police report. If you are attempting to run, and visit a garage, it will not get you anywhere in most cases. By law, garages are also expected to provide reports of crashes, and failing to do so, can result in penalties for garages.