Keep It Soft: What Does Soft Wash Mean?

cleaning the wall (vinyl siding) high pressure cleaner

Is the exterior of your home looking tired and dirty? Many people look to pressure washing to blast surface scum from their home. However, this can cause damage to the exterior, and very often, you need to know how to conduct the same exercise gently. 

That is where soft washing comes in. Read on for our must-know guide on the soft wash and how to conduct it. 

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a method of cleaning used on exterior surfaces. Unlike high-pressure washes, its gentle nature is less damaging and abrasive. The low-pressure wash usually contains a number of chemicals that help remove stains, mildew, and algae from the surface. 

Soft washing is ideal for surfaces that are hard to reach, that may be damaged by intense high pressure. This can include screens, wood paneling, and windows. Its primary method is to clean algae from shingle roofs, though it does have a number of other applications. 

Benefits of Soft Washing

Soft washing is essential not just for the look of your house, but for its preservation. Leaving mold, algae, and dirt on your walls and roof can age them quickly. They get into cracks and damage the materials themselves. 

This costs you money in repairs and replacements. If some of these get into your house, it can even start to cause damage to your health. 

Soft Wash Systems 

Soft washing is done with pressure washing systems that are modified to have a lower PSI. The end of this washer is also replaced so that the water fires in a wide arc instead of an intense jet. A number of cleaning solutions are also added to the water. 

One of the more common chemicals used is bleach. This kills most mold and algae at the root of the problem, preventing them from growing back for some time. 

In addition to bleach, a cleaning surfactant will be added. This works its way between the surface being washed and any dirt, plant, or fungi clinging to it. It helps the water do its work of washing away the surface detritus. 

How Do You Soft Wash?

Start by removing any items from the surrounding area. You may want to cover any plants or outdoor furniture items, as the bleach and chemicals may cause problems. You should then prepare your solution and place it in the soft wash device. 

Once you have done this, direct it at the surface and begin to spray in slow, even strokes. Once you have coated the whole surface, leave it to sit on the surface. When it looks as if it has almost dried, spray it off with clean water to complete your soft wash cleaning. 

Consult a Professional

You can do a soft wash on your own. However, professionals services will have the correct equipment, chemicals, and experience to do it quicker and more effectively. Look for listings in your local area and call for a quote. 

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