Is Your Removalist AFRA Accredited? Here’s Why it Matters

What’s the best way to choose the right removalist to help you move house? Do you just randomly choose a company from a list of web search results? How confident can you be in choosing a company like that?

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Instead, you should be asking if your removalist is AFRA accredited. What does this mean and why should you care? Let’s find out!

What Is AFRA?

AFRA, or the Australian Furniture Removers Association, is an organization dedicated to ensuring quality removalist services. The group is composed of industry experts that hold every member to a super high standard of service.

What Does AFRA Do?

AFRA puts removal companies through an extensive application process when they want to join the organization. Each company must comply with a stringent list of requirements in order to qualify for membership.

After acceptance, AFRA performs regular audits to ensure that companies maintain full compliance as long as they are members. AFRA charges companies to be members, which helps ensure that the company is dedicated to operating a high-quality service.

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How AFRA Protects Consumers

Moving house is not without its challenges. If you’ve done it before, you may already be aware that no matter how well you pack things, it seems like something always gets broken.

Most of us just hope that the things most important to us make it to the final destination in one piece.

However, when you hire a professional company, you expect them to offer better service than you can do yourself. When you call a certified removalist, you can 100% expect and receive this service. AFRA has already done all the legwork to ensure that this company has your best interests in mind.

Strict Training and Policies

Part of this legwork is to ensure that the company has complied with proper training and other policies. No one should be touching your boxes or trying to haul delicate antique furniture until they have been properly trained for it.

Furthermore, all AFRA-accredited companies must have the proper insurance and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and equipment. The paperwork they use either comes from AFRA or must be approved by the group.

In the unlikely event that a dispute arises, AFRA is there to act as a mediator and resolve the problem.

Benefits of Hiring an AFRA-Accredited Company

When you use an AFRA-accredited company, you get to enjoy far greater peace of mind. The removal company is not just something you found on the Internet but has the voice of a respected organization vouching for it.

You can rest assured that both the equipment being used and the people handling your stuff are well-equipped and well up to industry standards.

Moving House the Easy Way

Enjoy a less stressful move knowing that your belongings are in good hands. Make sure that your removal company is accredited by AFRA before signing on the dotted line!