Is Therapy Worth the Cost?


Everybody wishes to get in touch with a therapist and look for possible solutions while dealing with any type of mental illness. But the only thing that keeps many people away from such fruitful therapy sessions is the cost.

Many regulatory reforms and the Affordable Care Act have been introduced to encourage people to seek mental health services without worrying about the cost. However, still, many people consider the cost as the biggest barrier. 

If you have been thinking about whether the therapy is worth the cost, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss all the different aspects of therapy costs and understand whether it is worth every penny you spend on therapy or not. 

The cost of therapy with insurance 

According to the Affordable Care Act, every insurance plan must provide cover for mental health care. In addition to this, the insurance plans must not post restrictions or different rules for different mental health clients, and they should not fund any type of mental health care at lower rates. 

This means if you have insurance coverage, then there are maximum chances that you have cover for mental health care. But it would help if you choose a therapist in Denver within the network mentioned by the insurance company. Moreover, many other criteria like meeting a deductible, getting a proper referral for mental health treatment, and even being diagnosed with mental issues. 

If you are planning to pay your mental health care fee through insurance, you must pay a co-pay. The co-pay varies widely from company to company as some insurance companies have a co-pay of only $100 while other companies offer a co-pay of more than $500.

The best way to pay for therapy 

For most people, an insurance plan is their best buddy for funding their mental health care. So, before getting in touch with a therapist in Denver, call your insurance provider, ask about the mental health coverage and get the list of networks mentioned in the insurance plan. 

But even if you don’t have any type of insurance plan, you still don’t need to worry as you can get insurance under your state’s Medicaid program or might need to get in touch with the marketplace.

Some employee assistance and benefits programs cover different types of mental health care provided by a therapist in Denver. In this case, you have to call your employer and HR manager to understand the basic nature of the coverage. 

Additionally, many therapists offer sliding-scale therapy fees, and in this type of fee structure, the price of therapy is decided on his or her income. Consider asking these crucial questions while inquiring about the services provided by a therapist. 

What makes therapy worth the cost?

Just because mental issues like anxiety or depression don’t show symptoms like headache or ankle pain, it doesn’t mean you should let it go unnoticed. And if you are planning to rely on medicines, then get ready to deal with side effects. 

All the experts and doctors suggest going for therapy sessions if you are dealing with any mental issue. If you think about the money, think again about the damage a mental disorder can do to your brain and your thought process. 

Worrying about the expenses has become inherent in human nature, but there are a few things in life where you shouldn’t worry about costs, and therapy sessions for mental issues are one of those rare services. Just look for the best therapist in the town and stop worrying about the fee as insurance coverage, employee benefits, and even sliding-scale fee will help you with that. Silver Lake Psychology offers top-class psychological services & therapy sessions.