How should we react when the hairdresser serves me some liquid in the sling? With the naked eye, which knows that it’s not herbal tea to drink while doing hair? I picked it up and lit it up with lights to concentrate. “Drop a drop of oil under your tongue and hold it for a few seconds and swallow it,” my hairstylist said as I gazed at the amber liquid in my hand. Since she said that, I had to give it a try. It drops into your mouth, and the sensation you get is a smooth, viscous oil like regular vegetable oil. And then wait. I was waiting for the miracle of beauty to happen.

This is why most people do things like this. Because cbd öl is said to be the miracle oil for today’s beauty. Hemp oil is a natural extract. Found in cannabis leaves And it has become a novelty that has been seriously proven to be quite effective. What can you do? Change the question to what can’t be done?

It would be more suitable because since relieve inflammation Soothe acne problems. It can also help you feel good and relax. More than 38% of the UK adult population also reported using cannabis oil to treat their emotional problems. “Besides retinol, No other substance has been so popular before.” And this is another reason why the trendy salons in Manhattan have chosen cannabis extract for their facial treatments, not only to nourish the skin for relaxation but also to spread. There’s a lot of wellness that uses hemp oil drops and smoothies to drink in the morning, so it wouldn’t call for me to sit in a London salon and have a hemp oil hair treatment. It’s weird because it gives me a temporary break from my problems and relaxes me. Before the question, I will have to hurry up and say I didn’t talk because I was drunk with the marijuana.

Hemp oil is completely different from cannabis that is used as a drug. That’s because cbd öl is free from a substance known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)that has the effect of causing delirium (Some products that use cannabis may still contain a small amount of this substance. but must not exceed 0.2%, which is not enough to stimulate or have a sedative effect to create a ‘flip’ for the user.) My interest in health products made me search for information and experiences about them. My aunt had multiple gangrenes in her body. And there are a few things that can relieve her from this painful condition, like marijuana. So I’m curious about how good cannabis is for beauty purposes.

Now the question is, where do I start? In the market right now, there are bath soaps. And a soothing massage balm based on hemp ingredients. It is blended with other oils to nourish the skin as well. The current market demand for anything containing cannabis is exceptionally high. Experts even predicted that cannabis-based beauty products could be worth £17 billion by 2022. I started scouring Cult Beauty, the most ‘cool’ online makeup shopping site of all time, selling sheet masks and jelly serums even before K-Beauty became a trend. So I hope to see some marijuana in her area. Half an hour passed, Calling myself wholly immersed in cannabis (because Cult Beauty has a cannabis product department). Genuine user reviews claim that hemp oil is an excellent sleep aid and calming effect. Anxiety is another thing.

I picked up Disciple’s Miracle Drops 2.5% CBD. I added it to the basket and saw that it was probably the one with the lightest ingredients. In addition, real users recommend trying a variety of cannabis oils. Whether dripping mixed with coffee until it drops under the tongue Or applied directly to the temples for relaxation and treating acne as the ultimate multi-use properties. So I followed the advice by adding some cbd öl to my coffee (he recommended three drops, I put five) and drinking 2 cups a day to see how it works. Which was. Nothing happened.