Installing A Boiler in A Bedroom: Is It A Good Idea?

You can install a boiler anywhere in the house, but the most common areas include kitchens, lofts, and utility rooms. Boilers are compact now, so you can install them anywhere you want, including your bedrooms. 

Boiler in the bedroom

There is a safety regulation regarding Gas safety, and according to that, you can’t install a 14kw boiler in the bedroom where you sleep. Before installing the boiler, check the output. It is best if you call the Ga engineers to inspect your bedroom before installing the boiler. You can also install an automatic gas supply device that helps eliminate the excess gas and ensure safety.

Things to Consider Before Installing Boilers in Bedrooms

Safety is the first question that arises when installing a boiler in bedrooms as it is the place that remains closed most of the time. But also it is a good idea to install it in the bedroom. Here are the standard things you need to keep in mind while installing boilers in the bedroom.

Noise of boiler

Boilers are not entirely silent. There is a level of noise that continuously produces out of the boiler, so you need to deal with it in bedrooms. If you have a habit of complete silence, then it is not a good idea for you.

If it produces more noises that don’t let you sleep, then there is a problem with your boiler. In this case, you will have to leave the bedroom until the professional fixes the issue.


The boiler requires proper space. Most of us want the boiler hidden in our bedrooms so that it becomes out of sight. So, in that case, the cupboard is the best option to install the boiler. 

You may think that boilers are compact, but still, you need the proper space to install in bedrooms. 

Warmth In The Room

It warms up everything where you install. In winters, it is great to heat up, but it causes the problem in summers. If you want hot water in the summer, then it also heats your bedroom. You can prevent this issue by installing it in the cupboard to have no direct heat in the room. 

Carbon Monoxide Leaks 

If there is any leak in the boiler, then it may start leaking carbon monoxide. It is a toxic gas for humans and also has a lousy odor. There are many reported cases of death by inhaling carbon monoxide. 

So you need to install the detector in your bedroom to detect the leakage of carbon monoxide. 

There are regulations for installing the boilers in bedrooms, so you also need to keep in mind and observe them for your safety. 

  • Make sure that there is adequate space for the ensuing proper circulation around the boiler. You can check the boilers installation manual for the required room. Get boiler cover insurance so your boiler can be serviced yearly.
  • Arrange the proper system to eliminate the combustion by-products as it is the end of your boiler for proper working
  • The bedroom must be sealed so that the boiler can quickly draw air and supply it to the unit. It is a mandatory step for the boiler’s functioning. 

Final words

You can install the boilers inside your bedroom. It is an excellent idea for winters. But it requires more care and maintenance. You need to follow the proper guidelines regarding your room construction and installation of the boiler. You also need to install the leakage detector in the room for your safety. I hope the article helps you in making your decision regarding the boiler installation in your bedroom.