Increasing the Value of Properties in an HOA Community: How the Association Can Help

Every homeowner in an HOA-led community wants the value of their property to increase. After all, an increase in value increases their possible financial gains when they sell their property in the future. 

Although the majority of homeowners may find it difficult to maintain property value, people who live under an association benefit from value increases over the year. Keep reading to know how the association can help maintain and increase the value of the property it governs:

Maintaining Homes Within the Community

While the bylaws and regulations of your HOA may seem to hold back improvements and creativity, they guarantee the overall maintenance and uniformity of homes. Property value and the value of a neighboring property can be influenced by a home’s external visual aspects such as lawn care, fencing condition, and prominent external damage. Thus, if rules are enforced and the HOA requests owners to make exterior improvements, the latter can be sure such requests can positively affect the value of their property.

Investing in the Best Vendors

An HOA-led community is just as great as the vendors it hires to improve the neighborhood. Phoenix hoa management companies can work with HOA boards to help with vendor selection and other aspects of managing an association. These companies have access to the best vendors to maintain shared common areas such as parks, pools, and community buildings. Maintaining a personal property and its surrounding public areas will help grow the value of property inside the community.

Planning Out the Community for Years

HOAs and their management teams plan out a community’s visual aspects that will give financial benefits to it in the years to come. From the paint to use on home exteriors to the bushes and trees used throughout the community’s overall landscape, the HOA board may have studied how to maintain property value over the years. Also, the planning involves uniformity requirements that owners must maintain.

Preventing Neighborhood Issues

External issues can happen on a property. Property value can suffer when neighbors let trees overgrow property or mess up their yards, negatively affecting another property’s aesthetic look. If the problem cannot be resolved through calm conversations, the association manager can give motivation for neighbors to act in a friendlier way. Excellent associations know that properties are associated with their overall value and will not allow neighboring issues to become a problem for concerned owners. 

HOA boards have many things to keep up with when they maintain property values. A lot of associations hire HOA managers who have access to different resources and possess extensive experience in the field.