In what ways internet banking registration can help you? 


The most convenient devices, like smartphones are always with us anytime. Having a mobile app will help you deal with all your banking needs, and it is more or less like having a bank in your wallet. Apart from transferring money, a bank account app on your mobile will benefit you in several ways like transferring funds, paying bills, applying for an instant loan, and making investment.

To avail of these benefits, you need to do internet banking registration by downloading a mobile banking app from Google’s PlayStore or Apple’s App Store on your mobile. Once you download the app, you can log onto the mobile app, register your name, open an account and enjoy the benefits.

Most banking apps, like the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, facilitate the customers to open a savings account through the app in minutes and offer amazing features. The utility features offered by leading banks are free unlimited ATM transactions, cashback offer on activation, and higher POS limits.

Some benefits of internet banking registration 

Most users prefer a net banking app that offer more options and features to carry out money transactions effectively. Here’s what they get: Visit here online best website.

Savings account with Signature debit card

This option fulfills all your individual banking needs. With this card, you can get a higher purchase limit, unlimited transactions, and interest of 5% on your balance. The bank pays interest for the amount in your savings account every three months. This gives you a better chance to earn money.

Transfer money with a few clicks

Net banking helps you to transfer money from your savings account to another account. You can use any payment methods such as net banking, BHIM UPI, and QR code and transfer funds instantly. With a savings bank account online, you can send money to anyone just by adding beneficiaries.

Pay bills easily

You can withdraw money from your savings account, pay bills, pay your credit card, recharge, DTH and metro, and pay mobile postpaid bills.

Best investment options

When you have a saving account online, you can easily invest in mutual funds, open an online stock trading account, and earn more money through the best investment options.

Get instant loans online

With a savings account, you can apply and get different loans such as personal loans, home loans, car loans, and two-wheeler loans instantly. The existing customer just need to submit digital documents to get loans. Apart from this, the customer can apply for loans for home appliances such as refrigerators, television, washing machine, dishwasher, and so on. All these loans are available online without minimal paperwork and documents.

Instant tracking of your money 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the customers to get instant messages on every transaction the customer makes. It provides complete safety to their bank accounts. Furthermore, you can view statements and check your bank balance through this bank balance enquiry app, which can track and analyze your expenses.

There are more than ten types of savings bank accounts available with IDFC FIRST Bank, which cater to all banking needs and requirements of the customer. Whether you are a corporate employee or a military person, you can have a specific bank account offering amazing benefits.