If you want Air Freight from China to the USA then keep 5 Things in your Mind

International shipping is not an easy thing to handle because there are so many things involved in this process. It is hard to find the best and economical services of air freight between these two countries. There are many questions in mind while thinking to get services of air freight such as shipping time, costs, documentation, etc. However, always keep in mind if you are paying less, then you are not going to get quality services. Air freight from China to USA is an expensive thing, and if you look to find cheap services, the quality of services will be lower than your expectations. It means you need to find quality services at an affordable rate so that you can have peace of mind. This is because they wanted to ensure safe products moved from one place to another. Don’t try to search on Google.com, experience is what counts!

5 Things to keep in Mind

It is important to have information about various things when you are looking for air freight from China to the USA. There are certain things, which stay in your mind causing confusion, and to clarify those confusions, here are 5 things to know before making a final decision:

1. Shipping Costs

There are various other factors to consider for international air freight services, but the cost is the most crucial factor. You may have small packages to ship from China to the USA, or there can be large packages as well. If you are using this service for small packages and goods, then you must be prepared for a costly service.  The main reason is that if you have a small package, like one or a few products to ship through air freight, it is going to cost you a lot of money, and it may exceed the number of actual products in some cases. If you have an emergency and ready to pay for costly services, then you can go for the air freight as an option, otherwise, it is recommended that you should go for regular postal services for small packages. You can get Air parcel or Airmail services from various China Post and it will be less expensive as compared to air freight. 

There is one more considerable option, which is to use Express Freight/Shipping. This option is not only quicker, but reliable as well as compared to the regular post. There are so many international express courier companies working in China, and you can use them to ship your small packages to the USA. You will be charged approximately $5 for 1 KG small package from Express Courier; however, it is advised to always check with your local courier company to confirm shipping charges from China to the USA. If you are an international company or supplier, and you have large packages for shipping from China to USA, then Air Freight is the best available option for you as it is fast and reliable. Normally, it is said that you should go for air freight services when you have a package of at least 300 KG. If you have a shipping package of more than 500 KG, this is where air freight comes in handy for you as it will provide very affordable rates for such large packages. It means when your cargo is more than 500 KG, it will be a cost-effective option to go for air freight. Another point is that shipping cost will be decreased during some important events like Christmas. Moreover, when shipping products will be increased then service charges will be decreased. 

You may be wondering about the actual cost of air freight from one country to another and these countries are China and the USA. Here we are going to explain a few things, which you should keep in mind. If you are looking to get air freight services from Chinese Airport to USA Airport to pick-up your package, then the cost will be different. But if you are looking to get your shipment at your doorstep, then there might be some additional cost. So, there are two factors for cost: first, the cost of air freight from Chinese Airport to American Airport; second, the cost of air freight from American Airport to your door. Normally, if you have a shipment package of more than 500 KG, then per KG cost for air freight will be around $5 to $6 from China to the USA. It is just an approximate cost so that you can have an idea. However, for proper shipping costs, you must get a quote from freight forwarders. The delivery time of air freight varies for various reasons, but usually, it takes 4 to 8 days. 

2. Shipping Time and Delivery

It is vital to know, how much time is taken for the air freight. You should be aware of the fact how much time is usually taken by the air freight to deliver packages from China to the USA. To get a complete idea, it is good to compare air freight with other shipping methods. As per normal standards, air freight can take 4 to 10 days for normal delivery of shipment. 1 to 2 weeks can be taken by the regular post, 3 to 5 days for air express freight, and 30 to 50 days for ocean freight. If you are not in any urgency, then you can opt for China Post to send your package through regular post, or you can opt for express shipping as well. Express shipping is a timely option because the delivery of packages is managed effectively by international courier companies. Sea freight is cost-effective options as compared to all other options, but the shipping time is too long. Some packages may take around 50 days to reach from China to the USA. They have few options for quick transit, but still, delivery time is too much. So, air freight happens to be the best option in terms of time, delivery, and cost. Your shipment from China to the USA can reach in 5 to 10 days’ time, and when there are large packages, the cost is also affordable. It is a fact that express freight may take less time as compared to air freight because the process is less complicated, but when there are large shipments, one cannot afford to express air freight. So, after looking at all relevant factors, air freight is the best option to choose. this shows that the shipping time of the products are set before shipping and company can easily gain its products on time. Another point is that delivery time of the product is not affected. 

3. Steps involved in Air Freight

In general, there are three steps involved in the process of air freight. The first step is to get engaged with a freight forwarder and arrange a pick-up of your shipment. You can also take the shipment to their warehouse. So, shipment is packed, and it reaches the airport, where the shipment package is loaded on the airplane. The second step is flying shipment from the shipping location, and when it reaches the destination. In these two steps, there will be some export documents and processes to follow as per the given rules and regulations of the shipping location. In case of shipment from China to the USA, it will be necessary to fulfill all export requirements so that shipment is allowed to fly for its destination. The third step of air freight starts when the shipment reaches its destination. 

The import rules and regulations are followed so that shipment can get clearance from the destination country.  Once the customs department will ensure that all documentation is complete, and rules are followed, then shipment will be delivered to its desired location. It is vital to understand that every country has its own customs laws, so it is essential to have a look at them to avoid any kind of issues. So, when you are using this service, you should read customs laws and regulations for both countries. Incomplete documentation will cause delays, and your shipment will be stuck at the airport, until you complete documentation. So, it is recommended to follow each step carefully by following legal guidelines so that shipment is shipped without facing any inconvenience. All of these steps are used for air fright only between these countries. If they wanted to ship through other means like sea fright then steps will be different. 

4. Avoiding Delays in China and USA

Another important point is that this service can be a complex thing to manage, and if you don’t plan it accordingly, you can face time delays. So, you must keep a few things in mind to avoid delays in China, as well as, USA. Chinese culture is different from American culture, and you need to have some information on this. There may be some holidays, when freight services may not be available, so always check with freight forwarders, whether they are delivering or not. Moreover, Coronavirus is having its negative impact on air freight services, so it is wise to get information from a freight forwarder, whether they are available as per normal routine. You must prepare your shipment according to a schedule, where you make sure that there is no Chinese holiday. In addition, it is observed that shippers don’t complete documentation for their shipment, so when it is checked by the customs department, they hold shipment, until documentation is completed. So, to avoid such delays in China, it is vital to complete documentation.

this can be explained in other words that shippers are required to complete all documents before delivering the orders on time. therefore, it is extremely important for China to complete them before shipment. You must also make sure that packaging is also done properly so that your products or goods are not damaged. This is because through proper packaging, it will become simple to protect the product from any kind of problem. Various issues can also delay your shipment upon arrival in the USA. Always make sure that paperwork for clearance from customs is complete, otherwise, a delay is going to be an obvious thing to happen. Moreover, you must also ensure that your good and products are legally allowed to arrive in the USA, otherwise, your shipment will be stopped, and it may be sent back. So, these are few points to remember to avoid time delays. These types of delay will decrease the value of trust between these countries and also affected their relationship. 

5. Goods/Products Allowed through Air Freight

Since air freight is a reliable and fast mode of shipment, so you would like to ship goods/products, which are time-sensitive and high-value goods. You must also know what goods/products are allowed, and which ones are prohibited. You can send all kinds of electronic items through this service. The pharmaceutical products, supplies, and manufacturing goods are also allowed through air freight. You can ship all kinds of apparel through air freight. Different manufacturing items, samples, as well as, documents can also be shipped via air freight. As far as prohibited items are concerned, you must have a list of those items, otherwise, you may have to face severe consequences. Explosives and materials with gases are not allowed on air freight. You also cannot ship flammable liquids, toxic items, oxidizers, as well as, biochemical products as they are deemed dangerous for the air freight. It is strongly advised to get the list of allowed and prohibited items from freight forwarder both for China and USA so that you don’t face any issues regarding your shipment. 

Final Words

The above five things are most important to keep in mind when you are looking for air freight. This information is necessary for timely, convenient, and trouble-free delivery of your shipment from China to the USA. Always make sure that you have followed all legal requirements and guidelines provided for both countries so that you can enjoy a satisfactory air freight delivery for your goods and products.