I Found All I Needed For My Camping Trip – On One Website

I have an admission to make – I’m a bit of a dinosaur and this whole internet thing sometimes goes way over my head! However, when we decided to go on a family camping trip, it was decided that I’d need to look online for a website or two that would give us what we needed.

I tried a couple to begin with and they were…ok. They seemed to have quite a selection of products, but it was a bit muddled and it wasn’t clear what gear I needed. I did make some enquiries on a couple different sites, but one gave me some confusing advice and the other didn’t even reply.

So, I moved on…

I then came across a company called Fin Feather Fur and it was head and shoulders above everything else I’d encountered until that point. They had everything and I mean everything!

I only visited them on the off-chance, as they had some great reviews and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. As soon as I visited their home page, I was struck by the range and quality of what they had to offer.

Stoves, Pots & Pans!

This camping trip was to be our first, meaning we literally had nothing, so I started with one of the most important parts – how to feed ourselves whilst we were away. I didn’t have to look for too long, as I found everything I needed and without too much bother at all. 

I found all the pots and pans I needed, as well as a great stove, cutlery and even some great seasoning products that made our camping food taste so much better!

Camping Furniture 

From there I moved on to the camping furniture and I found us a few hammocks and some great camping chairs – mine even had a separate table and cup holder. While I was there, I found this great fold up cook station that proved really useful at meal times.

Visit here : Pii-email

Insect Repellants

My wife suffers quite badly from mosquito bites, so it was important that we had some protection. I needn’t have worried though, as I found lots of options to choose from. I found a great spray and some shields to keep the critters out at night – and they worked like a dream.

A Great 4 Person Tent

I didn’t even have to leave their website to find a well-priced, good quality tent to take along too. We bought a small RV for the trip, but it only sleeps 3, so we needed to add a bit of sleeping capacity. It was made by a company called Browning and even though I didn’t sleep in it myself, I could tell that it was of a high quality.

Try Them Out For Your Next Camping Trip

I have nothing but good things to say about Fin Feather Fur as a retailer, especially as the guys there gave me some great advice on the things I needed to buy for my trip and we bought much more than I’ve mentioned here! 

They weren’t pushy either and the extra items they suggested made a real difference to our trip overall. So, regardless of whether you’re a new or seasoned camper, I’m sure you’ll find everything you need for your next camping trip on their website too, just like I did.