How to Start a Trucking Business: A Guide

Are you thinking of getting started in the trucking business? If so, you have your work cut out for you.

The trucking industry has a total value of $791.7 billion. You have plenty of other companies that stand in your way as competition.

Starting a trucking business isn’t something you should do without a plan. Follow the steps below to get your trucking business started the right way.

Pick a Trucking Business Model

The trucking industry doesn’t operate on a standard business model. Some companies go the traditional route and hire drivers as employers. Others go the contractor route and pay their drivers as independent contractors.

You’ll need to decide which of these models is suitable for you before you start your business. An in-house driver model gives you more control over your company and your drivers. However, a contractor fleet means less work for you since your drivers manage themselves.

Pick Your Market

You might be able to get away as a general trucking company. The question is, how much business can you get if you can’t establish yourself as an industry expert?

If you narrow down your transportation focus and brand yourself as an industry at transporting certain goods, it becomes much easier to get business in that industry. Find a market that you feel like you can excel in and focus exclusively on that market.

Figure Out Your Expenses

Trucking is an expensive business. You don’t only have the cost of a semi-truck fleet if you’re handling things yourself. You also have to pay for the equipment and infrastructure needed to follow the trucking industry’s laws and regulations.

You’ll also need semi truck insurance to protect yourself and your drivers in cases of accidents on the road. Truck accidents can be expensive. An uncovered accident claim can cause serious harm to your business.

Form an Expert Team

The trucking industry can be complex, even for industry veterans. You likely won’t be able to handle all the work of running a business on your own. That’s where a great team comes into play.

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, hire other trucking industry experts to help you plan your business and keep it running. You likely have a skillset you excel at. Do that yourself and hire others to handle the things you aren’t an expert at doing.

Create a Marketing Plan

The trucking industry isn’t a business you can promote like other businesses. You can’t run Facebook ads and expect the average Facebook user to find value in your services. You need to find different ways to get in touch with business owners who need trucking services.

Figure out what your target audience hangs out and reach out to potential customers there. Linkedin is a great location to find other business owners who ship a lot of materials. Build a network there and use that to build your company’s reputation.

Start Your New Trucking Business Today

You’ve got your work cut out for you if you plan to start a trucking business. However, now that you know more about how to start a trucking business, you’re in a better decision to be successful. Start the process today and learn more about running a business yourself.

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