Are you trying to sell some old gold jewellery and get as much money as possible? Maybe your car broke down, you have medical bills, or you fell behind paying other bills needing fast cash. Then it helps to know where you can sell it for the best price. Learning how the gold buying business works helps. With some tricks up your sleeve, you can get a maximum return.


You want fast cash selling your unwanted gold, But where do you start? You start by searching online for gold buyers Brisbane. Still, you need to find a trustworthy person to sell your gold items to give you fair market prices. Once you have gathered a list of some gold dealers. It is time to read online customer reviews and testimonials.


The next step is to know your gold’s value. You want to know beforehand what you can expect in cash when selling your gold. You can do this by sorting your jewellery in carats by checking the hallmark. You can find the stamp in the ring band.

The hallmark will be stamped close to the clasp on gold bracelets or necklaces. Next, take your kitchen scale to weigh the jewellery pieces. You can then compare it to the current price per gram advertised on your favourite gold dealer’s website.

However, do not expect to get back what you paid for it years ago. The reason is, you are selling the gold inside your jewellery and only being paid for the gold value. As a result, you will not get back the jeweller’s labour or manufacturing costs.

But as there is a demand for gold, a gold dealer will offer you a reasonable buyback price for your scrap gold. Most gold dealers will pay you 80 – 90% of the market value of gold. So why not get a few quotes if you have the time.


If you gathered a list of a few gold buyers Brisbane near you. Decide which gold dealers you want to sell your gold to. But do not send your gold in the Mail. It can get lost, and you don’t know who you are dealing with on the other end.

So, instead of paying extra costs on insurance to mail your gold for evaluation, pay a few of them a visit to get a few quotes for your scrap gold. Upon walking into gold buyers, they will go through the testing process to evaluate your jewellery to determine its purity by sorting it into karats.

The higher karat gold you have, the more gold is inside it, and the more cash you will receive. Once the gold buyer finishes testing and sorting the gold, they will weigh and quote you based on the gold’s spot price, less their margin or buyback.

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If accepted, they give you cash on the spot unless you request a bank transfer.