How To Save Insta Stories

The Instagram stories are one of the highly consumed media features of Instagram. There are certain Instagram stories that you wish to save and keep at the first glance. We go through a constant dilemma whether to ask the person to send the Instagram story to us or not, at times this isn’t feasible as well. Instagram does not provide us with any way to save or archive the stories that we like. What can be done in such a case? Do not worry, we have your back! We confer the need to download and save certain stories to your device, hence we have enlisted certain options that you can go for to download Instagram stories to your device.

How to save your own story on Instagram?

There are multiple ways to save your own story on Instagram, only if you know how. Hence we have provided complete information to save your story to your device on Instagram.

  1. Archive your Instagram story:Instagram might not provide a button against your Instagram story to save it but it does provide an option to save your Instagram stories. To access this option simply open your Instagram profile and tap on ‘settings’ option. Now click on ‘archive’ option and move to saving option. Now turn on the ‘save to camera roll’ option. This automatically saves all your Instagram stories to your gallery post upload. 
  1. Use Instagram story downloader:You can also download a specific Instagram story of yours rather than automatically downloading each and every story that you upload. For this you can use the Instagram story downloader app such as StoriesIG. StoriesIG helps you download your own Instagram story to your device. Post uploading your Instagram story. open the official website of StoriesIG from their website or download the app from play store or app store for your device. Now simply type in your username in the app and press ok. All your posted stories will appear now you can play and download any story you wish to for free on any device that you have.

How to save someone else’s story:

If you wish to download someone else’s Instagram story you have 2 options to do this, they are:

  1. Screenshot or screen recording: To save someone else’s Instagram story you capture the entire screen using the screenshot Simply play the story and take a screenshot of the entire screen. This helps you capture the Instagram story and even save it on your device. For videos you can use the screen recorder option.
  1. Use Instagram story downloader app: Taking a screenshot means you are capturing the entire screen and also compromising on the quality. A great alternative to this is an Instagram story downloader. StoriesIG is a third-party app that allows you to download any user’s Instagram story using their username. The software is available online on the website of StoriesIG or can be accessed by downloading the StoriesIG app for your android and iOS device. The app works for free and downloads StoriesIG stories in original size and resolution.

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