How to Restore QuickBooks Backup File?

Your fortification archive contains your association’s data up to the date the support was made. Guarantee you restore the most recent report. Follow these ways to restore local support from a CD, USB streak drive, close by hard drive, orchestrate coordinator, or other media. In case you bolstered up your association archive using the organization given by QuickBooks Online Backup, QuickBooks Support you ought to restore it through that proportionate help.


  • Since your fortification copy is in a compacted record plan, you ought to use the restore wizard to bring the data by and by into QuickBooks Support. Do whatever it takes not to use the Copy request from Windows.
  • You should play out the underneath referenced steps to restore the fortification reports:
  • If your support record isn’t on your hard plate or in a framework envelope, install the CD, USB streak drive, or another amazing contraption in the correct drive.
  • Snap Restore a support copy (.qbb) and subsequently click Next

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Snap Local support and subsequently click Next.

In the event that fundamental, click the Look in the drop-down jolt and investigate the territory where you saved the support record, which has a .qbb report increase (for example, mycompanyname.qbb).

Select the support record and snap Open.

  • Snap Next.
  • In the event that fundamental, click the Save in the drop-down jolt and investigate the territory where you have to restore the support record.
  • Select the fortification record, click Save, and respond to any messages QuickBooks may appear.

Restoring a QBB (Quickbooks Backup) File:

Quest for the record that must be restored: Regularly, this may be gotten a good deal on a PC’s hard sense of taste (which isn’t recommended in light of a potential hard circle crash will lose the sum of your data), an outside hard drive, a recordable CD, or a USB drive.

Note: Please ensure that the removable media used to back up your archive is implanted into the PC.

2. Open Quickbooks.

3. Presently you need to choose the File menu and decide “Open or Restore Company.

4. examine the contrary decisions on this page and pick whichever you like. each decision is clarified in extra detail beneath. Snap OK.

5. Check the date and time of the reinforcement side to the document name (suggested) to make it simpler to separate between reinforcement records.

Check the case Limit the quantity of reinforcement duplicates during this envelope and enter assortment on the off chance that you might want to restrain the quantity of reinforcements made for one organization. this could encourage a spare circle drive zone.

6. Put a blemish on the crate. inspire an emotional response in me to reinforcement after I shut my organization record each multiple times and set the recurrence in the event that you might want to incite a day by day reinforcement update.

Select the decisions to check the data after you spare. Bypassing confirmation rushes the reinforcement strategy, nonetheless, we tend to recommend sanctionative it all together that you’re cautioned once any damage is identified to your document. Your decisions are:

Full Verification (Recommended)

Brisk confirmation

No check

7. inside the produce Backup window, click Next.

8. settle on whether to spare bunches of your reinforcement as of now, plan future reinforcements, or both:


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On the off chance that you choose it as of now

You will be incited to choose an area to spare bunches of your PC documents. Of course, it’ll be spared at the position you prior spread out in the reinforcement decisions. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you might want, you’ll decide on a particular area. pick Save to make a PC document.

In the event that you choose it as of now and calendar a future reinforcement or timetable a future reinforcement exclusively

To spare a reinforcement after you shut your document, I precisely place a blemish on the reinforcement duplicate after I shut my organization record box. you’ll conjointly decide on anyway for the most part QuickBooks should quit working before you’re provoked to make a reinforcement.

To spare a reinforcement to an assortment plan, click the New catch to line a reinforcement plan. you’ll detail your timetable, indicate a reinforcement area, and set decisions for what day and at what time the reinforcement should be shown. Snap OK when glad.

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At the point when completed, click the end.

6. Pick the support record (.QBB) you might want to transform from the “Open Backup Copy” window or utilize the “Look in” feature to search out your record.

7. Snap “Open” and after “Next.

(You should note – in case you are restoring a fortification report from separable media, you ought to distribute to QuickBooks where to sort out the record as well. This is done by tapping on the “Save in” jolt and finding the correct coordinator to restore your data on your hard drive.)

8. In the event that is vital, click the Save in the drop-down jolt and investigate the territory where you have to restore the fortification report.

9. Select the support report, click Save, and respond to any messages Quick Books may appear.


In case QuickBooks finds an association record with a comparative name in the envelope you decided, QuickBooks asks whether the need to supersede the present archive. In case you click Replace, QuickBooks erases the present report and replaces it with the record you’re restoring. In the event that you don’t know you need the present archive erased, click Cancel and give the record you’re restoring a substitute name.

The association report is changed over to a standard association record, with a .qbw development (or a .qba increase if the support was delivered utilizing an Accountant’s Copy). The association record and the aggregate of its related Quickbooks Error Support reports are taken care of around there.