How to Remodel a Small Kitchen: A Helpful Guide

According to the latest cost-vs-value report, remodeling your kitchen can result in a tidy ROI of 77.6% if you sell your home.

What if you’re kitchen’s really small and poky though? The same applies, except there’s a good chance you’ll fall back in love with your small kitchen after a bout of skilled remodeling and change your mind about selling your house.

Learn how to remodel a small kitchen like a pro right here.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen on a Budget

The first step in any remodeling project is setting up a budget and sticking to it. It’s easy to get overambitious only to run out of funds halfway through your project.

The secret to remodeling a small kitchen is to keep it simple. Remember, you’re working with a small space, so don’t try and include all the bells and whistles.

Your kitchen’s functionality is a top priority. Rather focus on replacing and repairing necessary elements before you tackle more adventurous small kitchen ideas. After appliances, storage and countertops are your next priority.

When setting up your budget, rather concentrate on fixing a few things at a time and complete the project in stages. It’s better to stagger your improvements, rather than doing more and skimping along the way.

Get Expert Help

The best kitchen designers regularly revamp kitchens of all sizes. So, if you’re out of ideas when it comes to your small kitchen remodel, a portion of your budget’s well spent hiring an expert.

This is especially important if you plan to sell your home soon. Accomplished kitchen remodeling pros will revamp your space in line with the latest trends and help you sell your home faster.

Consider Your Choice of Cabinets Carefully

Overhead cabinets can make your small kitchen design seem even more cramped. Rather lose the overhead cabinets or go for narrow shelves that allow light to flow freely around the room.

If you have too many items to store without your overhead cabinets, it’s time to consider decluttering. You could also move some of your dinner plates and cutlery to a sideboard in your dining room to free up space in your kitchen.

Scale Down When Renovating a Small Kitchen

Large bulky appliances also crowd your kitchen, so consider whether you really need them all.

If you’re living in a small house, chances are you have a small family. If so, do you really need that massive four-burner stove and double-door fridge?

As modern technology advances, appliances are decreasing in size and many now have multiple uses. Microwaves double as convection ovens, you can use your blender to make smoothies too.

Figure out which of your appliances can do double duty, and get rid of the rest, or trade them all in on smaller, modern, multi-functional ones. You can save a lot of storage and counter space this way.

Embrace the Beauty of Glass in Your Small Kitchen

Clever use of glass and mirrors can almost double the apparent size of your kitchen. Glass shelves allow light to travel around the room, creating the appearance of more space.

Mirrors are one of the best hacks for making any small room appear larger. The reflective qualities of mirror tile on your backsplash or a mirror placed at the end of the room instantly create the illusion of infinite space.

Light Up Your Space

If there’s a shortage of natural light in your kitchen, you can get creative with overhead lighting to create a more spacious feel.

A single central light simply won’t do for a small kitchen. Rather consider multiple light sources to spread luminescence around your room.

Pendant lighting, floor lights, and recessed cabinet lights all work well to distribute light evenly, create a uniform look, and showcase your brilliant kitchen design.

If possible, you should consider installing a large window somewhere in your kitchen. This renovation will do more for your small kitchen than any amount of LED lighting can.

Open It up and Let the Light Shine In

Are you a fan of reality house flipping shows? Then you’ll know that the number one hack for small kitchens is breaking down one of the walls and embracing an open-plan design.

If you’ve always craved a kitchen island and never had space, this is the best way to get one.

An island serves as a functional divider between your living room and your kitchen. With the addition of a few stools, it can also double up as a place to enjoy your meals.

Go For Smart Storage

If you’ve already scaled down to the bare minimum or simply can’t part with your beloved antique collection of plates, there is another option.

Smart storage solutions make the most of all the awkward nooks and crannies found in most kitchens. Make the most of these awkward spaces with revolving cabinets, lazy Susans, and under-counter sliding shelves.

Your kitchen designer can help with more brilliant ideas when it comes to smart storage solutions.

Design Options for Small Kitchens

While kitchen layout is largely a matter of personal choice and your existing floorplan, galley-style kitchens work best in small spaces.

That means you should keep the short ends of your kitchen free and place all your counters, cabinets, and appliances on the long sides.

Dark colors create a gloomy, cave-like appearance. Stick with light colors for paint, tile, and countertops can create the appearance of a larger, lighter kitchen.

Beyond the Kitchen

Are you ready to get started making your home more functional, comfortable, and valuable?

Now that you’ve learned how to remodel a small kitchen, you might want to investigate some other high ROI home renovation projects. Explore our blog for all the best hacks and tips when it comes to home improvements.