How to Properly Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Did you know that some 3-million people in the US will make a long distance move each year? This means moving between states, or even to another country.

Unlike a local move, a long distance move requires more time, greater costs, and potentially more stress. If you plan your move well, you can save on the stress at least and minimize the time and financial costs of the move too. 

So, what is the best way to move long distances?

In this article, we’ll share some tips for a long distance move. 

Create a Moving Plan

The first thing that you should do when planning your move is to create a moving checklist. This will help you stay organized and on top of your planning. 

Make sure you include everything from smaller tasks such as hiring movers or changing your address with the bank right through to the bigger tasks such as packing.

Get Long Distance Move Quotations

One of the things that will help you reduce the amount of stress that you experience as a result of moving is hiring a long-distance removals company.

Hiring movers such as Fast Fietz Moving will save you the hassle of having to handle and move everything yourself. 

Shop around and get some quotes, but remember to book as far in advance as you possibly can as long distance movers book up quickly. 

Declutter Before You Pack

Before you start packing up your life, you’ll need to start to declutter. The less you have to move with, the easier it will be. 

Decluttering is a simple case of going through everything you own and deciding whether you want to keep it or not. Work a room at a time and decide whether you want to sell, donate, recycle, or dispose of each and every item in your home. 

Allow plenty of time for this task as it’s likely to take quite a while- particularly if you aim to sell any unwanted items. 

Consider selling bulky items such as furniture before you leave. Cumbersome items can be expensive to move. Sometimes it is easier and more cost-effective to sell these items and buy more once you’ve moved.

For a quick sale, you could hold a yard or garage sale weeks or even months before the move. 

Packing Your Life Up

Once you’ve decluttered, allow yourself plenty of time to pack. Packing will take you longer than you think.

Remember to stay organized when you’re packing up your possessions. For instance, you’ll want to label up your boxes with what is in them and which room they will go in when they reach the final destination. 

Some people color-code their boxes to make it easier when it comes to unpacking. Select one color per room and mark your box with the relevant colors. 

How to Move Long Distance

Once you’re packed, you’re ready for your long distance move. Take some time before you leave to say goodbye to any friends and family in the area. Big moves such as this are not only logistically hard, they can be challenging emotionally.

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