How to Prevent Termite Damage in Your Home

Close up shot, macro white ants or termites on decomposing wood. As an enemy of wooden houses as well.

Did you know that 600,000 homes in the United States are damaged by termites every year? Termites are everywhere, and they are a big threat to homes, causing damage to the walls and very foundations.

The best thing you can do to protect your home from termites is to prevent them from ever entering it in the first place. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them at bay.

Read on to learn the best tips for preventing termite damage to your home.

Get Rid of Excess Moisture

One of the first things you should do to prevent termites is remove any excess moisture in your home. Termites and other pests are attracted to water sources, especially if there’s moisture in your walls where they thrive.

As a result, preventing moisture will help prevent termites as well.

Humidity is a known cause of increased moisture, so keeping your air conditioning on can help work as a dehumidifier. If you live in a particularly humid environment, like Florida, consider investing in an actual dehumidifier as well.

You’ll also want to make sure that you repair any leaks in your home as soon as possible. Remove any surrounding wood or housing material that was affected by the leak.

Don’t Keep Extra Wood Around

Termites eat wood, so make sure that you keep any extra wood away from your home. This includes firewood and lumber stacks that people often lean up against their house.

You may want to keep these stacked nearby in winter, but it’s not worth the termites they could attract. Instead, keep them several feet away from your home.

You should also keep the stacks off the ground if possible to prevent termites from crawling onto them and getting carried into your home.

Trim Tree Branches

Another way to prevent termite damage is to trim your tree branches to be a safe distance from your home.

Large trees are gorgeous and a great addition to any yard, but limbs hanging over your home can lead termites straight to your roof and walls. Plus, they’re dangerous during storms as they could fall on your house and damage your roof.

Be Careful With Mulch and Soil

Mulch has become a popular addition to home gardens, but it can also be a breeding ground for termites. The same goes for large amounts of soil.

Make sure you keep any mulch and soil at least 18 inches away from your home, especially if your home has wooden foundations.

Get Regular Termite Inspections

One of the best termite prevention tips is to get professional termite inspections on a regular basis. You can take steps to reduce the chances of termites infecting your home, but you can never guarantee that one won’t find its way in and cause an infestation.

Regular check-ups will help ensure that an infestation doesn’t get out of control before you find out about it.

Take These Steps to Prevent Termite Damage

Termite damage is a costly and stressful thing to take care of. They spread quickly throughout your home and cause severe damage to the foundations.

That’s why it’s important to take precautions and follow the steps in this article to protect your home against termite damage.

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