How to Organize Your Home: 7 of the Best Tips

Stress and anxiety are serious mental health issues. They should be taken seriously. While in some cases, professional help is necessary to help you deal with these issues, there are some things you can do at home to help yourself.

One recent study found a correlation between the cleanliness of your home and stress hormones in your brain. In short, the tidier your home, the better you feel.

So how can you organize your home to make it cleaner, easier to maintain, and to help you feel better? Here are 7 tips on how to organize your home and bring your peace.

  1. Prioritize Space

Some of the things in your house are things that you’ll need ready access to. Whether that is in your pantry, your linen closet, or amongst the kids’ toys, make sure those things are front and center. 

Store those things that you won’t need every day, week, or month, higher up or further back so they are not in the way. Making it easy to take out and put back those everyday items just makes sense.

  1. Extra Storage

Whether in your garage or your children’s room, you can find extra storage space if you just look up. When you build a storage loft, you can take advantage of the unused space you have off the ground to keep your floor clear of clutter.

  1. Address the Drawers

Use simple trays or fancy organizing systems to get those drawers in order. The junk drawer can be the most stressful spot in your home. Straighten it up and feel the anxiety roll off your shoulders.

  1. Make Friends with the Trash Can

Maybe you’ve been holding on to that pile of boxes just in case a need arises. Perhaps you’re keeping every bill you’ve ever gotten because…let’s be honest, you don’t really know why, it’s time to fill the trash.

Forget your rainy day piles. If you haven’t you’ve got a stack of something you haven’t used or touched in months, you don’t need it now. And now it what counts. As for your bills, if you need to, you can scan and save digital copies for peace of mind. 

  1. One Step at a Time

Start small. Pick a small task in a small area of your home and get to work. Often tasks like organizing and cleaning can have a snowball effect. As you complete that small task, you’ll get a rush of reward chemicals in your brain that will spur you on to the next task.

The trick can be seeing the trees rather than the forest. Instead of thinking about how much work has to be done to organize your home, only focus on the coat closet. It’s not so big, after all.

  1. Use Color

Invest in some containers of various colors. Specify a color category for your storage needs. When you can quickly and easily identify where something belongs (because yarn goes in the blue basket), you are more likely to put them away. 

Color can help get your kids interested and involved, as well.

  1. Seek out Hidden Space

There are storage options everywhere. Look for the spaces you aren’t using. Is there room under your bed? Have you taken advantage of the face of the fridge? Find opportunities and use them to clear the floor and countertops.

When and How to Organize Your Home

The first question is easy. Do it (at least start it) now. As to the question of how; there are hundreds of tips and tricks out there. Whether it is one of these or something else, find one that you can tackle and get to it. You’ll feel better when you do.

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