How To Improve Tree Services Efficiency

Tree services are hard to find when you are not planned during winter. However, Roswell tree service is there for you even when others say they are busy. Being one of the top companies in the market, they can offer you reliable and timely services even when it’s already late May, and you haven’t made any arrangements for your trees.

No matter where you live, trees are affected by winter’s severe weather conditions and pest presence. That’s something valid for most places in America, and the only defenses you have would be to call tree services and adopt an action plan to improve them. If you are looking for such actions, shortlist, here is the guide that will enable you to become a tree master and keep your trees even more healthy and well-maintained than any other person in your neighborhood.

Call them early in spring

It would be better to call the tree services early in spring. That happens because spring is when cold weather gets scarcer, and you have many hours of sunlight to perform trimming and cutting chores. Even though Roswell tree service will come to your garden no matter when you call them, it would be the best practice to call them for a quote in early March so that you can check all the damages from snowstorms and rainfalls. It is not rare to have colder days and even snowstorms during April. If you leave your trees unattended, any damage that happens during winter will get multiplied. So calling the tree services as soon as possible will give your trees more time to meditate and survive through the summer.

Have the Tree Service Inspect your trees

When you first call the tree services, you need to have them inspect your trees thoroughly. Even the ones that seem to be healthy might have severe issues. Infections from germs and bacteria could not be seen with bare eyes. That’s why it would be better for arborists to take some samples from the leaves and branches and get them to the lab for examination. Every infected part would be cut from the tree, and the tree services should trim the remaining part. It’s the only viable way to improve the effectiveness of all the interventions happening to your trees. 

Place Fertilizer During the Winter

Winter time can be destructive for your trees. That’s the time to place some fertilizer and let it work during the snow months. The water accumulated close to the rooting system can dilute these nutrients in the fertilizer and have them ready for delivery to your tree branches and leaves. The fertilizers should always be proposed by experienced and licensed arborists and used at the right proportion. It’s not that bad to find more trees to fertilize in your neighborhood to ensure that you live in an environment that induces tree development and survival.

Remove All Your Pests From Your Garden

No matter where you live, pests can attack your tree and disrupt normal behavior and development. It’s easy to have your pests removed from your garden. Today modern pesticides are existent and give you more protection against pest proliferation. It’s important to know when to do your interventions. The disappearance of pests can be the most crucial step in improving the effectiveness of the tree services.