How to Get Rid of Clutter in Your House: A Detailed Guide

Whether you are preparing to move, simplifying your life, or downsizing, you can greatly benefit from learning how to get rid of clutter. When your home is full of clutter, you’ll become frustrated by how messy it is and how difficult it is to find what you’re looking for. 

Decluttering your home is easy to do. You don’t need any fancy tools or equipment to have a more organized home. So keep on reading and we’ll take you through everything that you need to know about getting rid of clutter in your house.

1. The Bathroom

When you are trying to declutter the bathroom, you should start with the medicine cabinet. Take out everything that’s in there and throw out any outdated skincare products, makeup, and medications. 

Everything that you are keeping should go right back into the cabinet. The items that you use most often should be stored at eye level. 

Next, you want to go through the cabinet drawers. Take everything out and do a quick evaluation of what you want to throw out and what you want to keep.

Put the things that you’re going to keep back into the drawers. The items that you use most often should be kept in the top drawers. 

You want to do the same routine with your bathtub and shower. Lastly, pull out everything from under your bathroom sink and see what you want to keep and throw out.

2. The Bedroom

The first step to decluttering your bedroom is to make your bed (which you should be doing every morning, anyway).

Start with the nightstands. Anything that doesn’t belong on the nightstands should be removed. Put it in a bin for now. 

This can include books that you’ve already finished, mail, paper and pens, and broken or old eyeglasses.

Recycle or throw out anything that you don’t use any longer. For example, get rid of chargers that don’t work anymore, pens that are out of ink, and empty tissue boxes. 

You want to do the same thing with the tops of your desks, chests, and dresser. Pay special attention to any clothing items that are lying around. 

Anything that needs to be hung up or folder should go into a bin and then be put back to their rightful places later. 

Go through each drawer and take out everything. Put out anything that you don’t wear anymore and put it in a bag to be donated. Store and fold everything that you want to keep. 

If you have a vanity table, work on that next. Don’t just shove everything into a drawer. Instead, arrange them in an optimal fashion.

Anything that you haven’t used in the past six months should be thrown out.

3. Closet and Clothing

When it comes to decluttering your closet, you might feel overwhelmed. The best way to get rid of clutter is to work on clothing by type. 

So you should start with shoes, then boots, then denim, then dresses, and so on. This is a much easier way to figure out what to keep or throw away. If you’re deciding if you should keep a pair of jeans, you’ll be able to compare them to all of your other jeans. 

After you have gone through each kind of clothing, you should have four different piles to work with. 

First, you should put away any clothes that were simply in the wrong spot. For example, if you found a shirt in your dresser, move it back to your closet.

Any dirty laundry that you have should be brought to the laundry room or put in a hamper. 

Anything that needs to be repaired should go to the dry cleaner or tailor. 

Consignments and donations should go to a consignment store or a donation center.

4. The Kitchen 

It can be very difficult to keep your kitchen organized and free of clutter because there are so many activities that likely take place in it. This can range from cooking to socializing to eating. 

Because of this, your kitchen might have a variety of items stored all over it.

You can decide to declutter your kitchen by going through each zone of your kitchen or by focusing on one category of items at a time. These categories might be bakeware, utensils, glassware, cutting boards, etc.

Your first step will be to empty each space. Then, evaluate each item and put everything back where it belongs. Start with your most versatile storage space first. 

These are likely the upper cabinets and the pantry. Move onto the drawers, lower cabinets, and the space under the kitchen sink, next. 

Lastly, you want to focus on the countertops. Move as many things as you can off of the counters and into storage spaces. You should only keep the things you use every day on your countertops. 

After you’ve gathered everything that you want to throw out in your house, you should utilize a dumpster rental. This will help you quickly and efficiently throw out a bunch of items you no longer want. 

The Importance of Knowing How to Get Rid of Clutter in Your House

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of how to get rid of clutter in your house. This will help you become more organized and productive while you’re at home. 

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