How to Get A Five-Star Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can customize your island through create unique houses, restaurants, gardens, bridges, outdoor decorations, and interior decor. You will probably want to start working on the rating of your island, which is depending a lot of requirements. Your island can be one to five stars. In order to achieve, five-star island or rating, what should you do and are there some tips to make the process faster? So we have some tips for how to get a five-star island in the game. 

What is a 5 Star Island and What Can You Get?

Animal Crossing New Horizons allows you to customize and create your island through DIY crafting, ACNH furniture, flowers, bridges, and fences. While some don’t tend to pay too much attention to their island status, others love to strive for that perfect island and New Horizons made it possible to know exactly when you’ve reached perfection, when your Resident Services building is upgraded and Isabelle is finally getting to work, you have the option to ask her for island evaluations, during these evaluations, Isabel will tell you the star rating of your island as well as some feedback from the current residents, make sure to pay attention to the feedback, it’ll let you know what you could add to really spice things up a five-star island basically comes down.

When you get 5 stars, you will unlock the lily of the valley, a special flower that only grows on 5-star islands, while there aren’t 100 specific amounts of Animal Crossing items and things you need, there are a few tips to get yourself there faster.

How to Get 5 Star Island in ACNH – Tips and Tricks for Getting 5-Star Islands

The general criteria for bringing your island to five stars have been collectively discovered by the Animal Crossing group. It is not as reliable as you would have hoped, but it is a surefire way to lift the rating of your island to consider each criterion as a mini-goal to meet. Depending on other variables, you’ll find some figures, such as the amount of fencing required, are estimates. If you have 50 pieces of fencing on your island in this situation and Isabelle says to add more, then keep going until she no longer speaks on the fencing. Your island must have at least 665 development points and at least 450 scenery points in order to receive a 5-star rating. You must grow as many trees as possible in order to earn Scenery Points (1 point is awarded for every fully grown tree, up to 190 points). If you have more than 220 trees on your island, a penalty will be levied. You are going to gain 1 point for every adult flower on your island. That would mean that planting 190 trees and 260 flowers would be the best way to achieve 450 scenery points.

Make your Resident Services building is fully upgraded and Isabella’s comfy in her office, you must place and fill the 10 villager plots that New Horizons give you, once you place the plots you can either wait for a random villager to move in or you can gather up ACNH nook miles tickets and go to the mystery islands, hoping that you come across a dreamy on the way, now that you have all of these villagers on your island, you want them to be able to access nook’s cranny, you’re able to create paths and terraform after K.K performs for you and that allows for so many different levels and areas for you to customize, adding bridges and inclines to your island is not only going to give yourself and the villagers easier access to those fun new areas that you put so much work into, but it will also boost your island star rating big time.