How to Find the Right Acne Scar Treatment Procedure for You?

Experiencing acne is quite challenging, but more so, it is the scars that it leaves behind that are worrisome. The scars remain on the skin for a long time, and it seems like nothing can get them to fade away.

Acne scarring is a common issue which many over-the-counter products and drugs promise to resolve. However, not a lot of them deliver the results that people see. This is where professional acne scar treatment proves to be highly effective.

In such a treatment, evidence-based methods are used. Dermatologists provide many treatment options to people who are troubled by their acne scarring. However, the acne treatment methods for treating acne scars have evolved a lot over the recent years.

Today, there are numerous treatments to treat this issue. It thus becomes essential to find out which treatment option is suitable for a specific individual.

Examine the Kind of Scars

Acne scars come in various shapes and patterns. Not everyone dealing with scarring has the same kind of scars. Scars can be raised or depressed, they can be minimal or widespread, Keloids are raised scars that occur on areas like the chest and back, and depressed scars and deeper scars generally appear on the facial skin.

The severity and kind of scars determine the type of acne scar treatment. For example, treatments like micro-needling and radiofrequency that stimulate collagen will not benefit those with raised scars because raised scars are a product of excess collagen. A discussion with a dermatologist about the kind of scarring is the first step to select a proper treatment.

Know About the Different Types of Acne Scar Treatment

There are several treatments to deal with the problem of scarring. Good knowledge about them goes a long way in enhancing the appearance of the skin.

●     Chemical treatments

In this treatment, a concentrated chemical is applied to the skin. It erodes the exterior part of the skin and kickstarts the repair process of the body. Chemical peels can be an effective option for very shallow scars and hyperpigmentation.

●     Laser resurfacing

This treatment approach is quite popular. Severe scars that were before treated with dermabrasion are now treated with this technique. But it has side effects for those with darker skin or those who have dealt with keloids.

●     Dermabrasion

The dermabrasion technique works by eliminating skin layers to minimize the depth of scars. Although it is a popular treatment, its side effects include swelling and redness. It is essential to undertake this treatment only through an expert.

●     Micro-needling

It follows the same pattern as laser treatment. The only difference is that in it, the expert uses a needle rather than a pulsated light. Needles create slight wounds in the skin that eventually stir new collagen. This treatment is effective for depressed acne scars.

●     Fillers

Fillers have collagen or hyaluronic acid that works to minimize the presence of acne scars. However, the treatment is temporary, and the patient requires repeated treatments to make the effects long-lasting. This acne scar treatment thus becomes a bit pricier than many other options.

Every person’s need is different. Something that works for one may not work for the other. That is why it is a good idea to have a thorough discussion with a certified dermatologist.

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