How to Find the Best Magnetic Screen Door for Your Household Needs


Creating a home out of a house is quite the undertaking. It requires a certain amount of work, attention, and most importantly, time. For some people, the concept of home is a very fluid thing making it possible to relocate several times. For others, their experience of home has been more static and predictable.

No matter what kind of person you are, the home will always carry with it a certain sense of comfort. Whether that is something that a person is able to recreate multiple times who moves a lot for work, or it’s something constant for someone who buys a home in their twenties they plan on retiring in. Comfort and home go hand in hand, and there are certain tools and items that can help create that special sense of comfort.

One of those items would be a dependable screen door. While a screen door might not be what you think of when you think of ‘home’ or even ‘comfort’, a good screen door is a meaningful improvement that you can make to your household. It works as a practical upgrade that will bring a benefit to your home that you can actually feel.

There are actually different kinds of screen doors that you can invest in. While there are the traditional screen door options that hang on hinges, there are also magnetic screen doors that offer unique benefits. If you have been interested in finding the best magnetic screen door, here is everything you need to know!

Why Is a Screen Door a Meaningful Upgrade?

There are several reasons why a screen door can be a meaningful upgrade to your home and can bring a new level of comfort to your household. The main reason is that a screen door allows you to enjoy the weather when it’s beautiful outside, without having to worry about the uninvited elements of nature.

So often during the spring, summer, and fall, there are beautiful evenings or mornings when the temperature outside is absolutely perfect. When it’s been too hot or too cold to let fresh air in, the house can get stuffy, and the air can start to feel stale. When the weather is perfect outside, there is nothing better than freshening up your entire home with some much-needed fresh air. Without a screen door, it’s all too easy for this to be an open invitation to all the parts of nature you don’t want in your home.

Gnats, flies, leaves, and even dirt can be blown into your home and make getting fresh air quickly not worth the struggle. Not only that, but another benefit to having a screen door, is that when you have outdoor activities, you can leave the door open to see and hear more clearly. Think of the last time you had a pool party, and you were inside preparing some fun summer drinks for the kids, but you needed to keep the door open to hear them. With a screen door, you can keep your home protected and have a better view of what’s going on outside.

Why A Magnetic Screen Door?

The unique features that a magnetic screen door can bring to your home over a traditional, hinged screen door are substantial. The most prominent benefit comes from the fact that a magnetic screen door is made of lightweight, durable mesh. This mesh is heavy-duty enough to withstand the elements and does a great job at keeping nature’s uninvited guests out, but it’s also light enough to not be a hassle.

One of the biggest problems with a traditional screen door is that even though they are a meaningful improvement to your home, they can oftentimes present a hassle. Every time the dogs need to go outside, you have to open two doors. If you have ever tried carrying a tray of drinks out for a family cookout through a screen door, you know how much an obstacle they can be. No matter how careful you are, they have a way of seining into your elbow, just getting in the way.

A magnetic screen door uses 26 magnets to create a tight seal so no nothing can get through, but pulls apart easily when you put pressure on it. This means that dogs and cats can easily walk through it, as well as children. The best part is that this no-hand entry and exit style means that you’ll never be bothered when carrying anything into or out of your home.


A magnetic screen door is a great way to upgrade your home and add an element of comfort to your household. This kind of upgrade brings a benefit that you can not only appreciate but wonder how you ever lived without.