How To Dress For Outdoor Sports?

Did you know that there is a specific type of clothing for each of the outdoor sports modalities? And different from what most people believe, the choice of clothing directly influences their performance, and the result of the activities practiced.

Considering this, it is essential to be aware of the most suitable pieces for each type of sport. That way, you will be able to practice your exercises correctly without jeopardizing your well-being.

To help you in this mission, we set up a mini-guide with various guidelines for what to wear to practice airsoft, camping, and fishing.


The Airsoft is an exciting sport that simulates combat areas. And to present the best performance and guarantee the practitioners’ safety during a match, the choice of the appropriate clothes is fundamental.

Always choose to wear blouses with long sleeves and long pants, preferably uniforms. In addition to preventing, you from getting hurt in contact with an uneven surface, this type of part is the best option against sunlight. And for an even more satisfactory result, pay attention to the material and resistance of the clothes.

Other essential items for your safety during the practice of Airsoft are gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, waistcoats, and goggles. The parts used may vary according to the departure location, but in general, this is the most basic kit you can find.


Because it is very much sport related to rest, many people forget the importance of investing in the appropriate clothes for camping. However, it is essential to note that they make all the difference in your experience.

The first step is to keep in mind that all items must be light and comfortable. You will be accommodated in a tent and go for long walks, so your clothing must accompany these conditions.

Sneakers, slippers, socks, swimwear, sleepwear, hat, and sunglasses are the essential items that should always be on your checklist. The type of clothing may vary according to the season or camping location.

For hot climates, invest in shorts, a t-shirt, tank top, and shorts, or, for longer exposures to the sun, opt for pants and shirts as seen in with UV protection and insect repellency. If your trip is in winter, don’t forget to bring pants, long-sleeved blouses, jackets, and hats.


Although most people believe that fishers wear the first clothes they come across, there is – or should be – a whole lot of logistics behind choosing the right pieces.

Developed exclusively for the practice of water sports, fishing clothes, ranging from t-shirts to shorts, protect against the sun’s rays, help the fisherman’s flexibility, do not accumulate sweat, are refreshing, and resistant to water.

In addition to unique shirts and trousers, other items that cannot be missing in a fisherman’s wardrobe are sunglasses, a hat, gloves, plastic, and non-slip shoes.