How to Decorate Your Home Sustainably

Have you ever dreamed of living in Los Angeles? There are many perks to living in LA. The weather is very pleasant, regardless of the time of year. Even in winter, the temperature is a mild 60 degrees. There is so much to do – whether you’re out in sports, music, art, or outdoor exploration, L.A. always has something for everyone. Los Angeles homes for sale will cost around $800K.

Did you know Los Angeles is among a few cities pursuing an aggressive sustainability plan? We know sustainability is important to the future of our planet. Many of us already use reusable water bottles in lieu of plastic, we recycle our trash and bring our canvas bags to the grocery store instead of plastic bags. Read below for tips on how to decorate your home sustainably.

Shop secondhand

Shopping from secondhand furniture stores isn’t just a great way to find unique, vintage pieces, it’s also really good for the planet. Instead of being part of the damaging fast furniture trend, you’re using what’s already available and making it your own. You are creating less waste and buying something brand new (to you).

Reupholster before you replace

Throwing away furniture creates waste, and then you end up wasting money on new furniture. Before you throw away furniture that you no longer like, consider repurposing it or upcycling it. You can easily update any piece of furniture without too much work, most times, a bit of elbow grease. Repaint your old furniture, reupholster it, update it, repurpose it – you have tons of options.

Grow indoor plants

Plants are essential for our living. Having indoor plants not only enhances the beauty of your room but also increases oxygen and helps purify your home. House plants or indoor plants are the most eco-friendly decoration that adds a natural and fresh accent to your home.

Invest in timeless designs

Furniture shopping can be a daunting task – especially when looking for ethically made and environmentally sustainable staples. Fortunately, there are a variety of affordable, eco-friendly furniture options available. These brands employ materials harvested from sustainable resources and recycled goods, and they focus on fair trade and responsible production practices. It’s not surprising that it costs more to produce eco-friendly furniture. Materials tend to be more expensive than man-made, chemically treated materials. However, this investment is worth making, for your home and for the environment.