How to Clean Golf Clubs: A Guide

When the weather starts to get nice and the days get longer, you start feeling the urge to get back onto the green and play a round of golf. You’re not alone. The total number of rounds played last year on United States golf courses alone was 502 million

The one downside of playing the game frequently is that dirt and grass start to stick to your clubs. You might see that it affects your performance, and you’ll want to clean them off. But before you do, you should know about the different methods of doing so. 

For a breakdown on how to clean golf clubs, keep reading this guide. 

Iron Golf Club Maintenance 

Get out a bucket, dish soap, a towel, and a toothbrush or a brush with soft bristles. Fill the bucket with mild water and a couple of tablespoons of soap. Just like a dirty pan, you’re going to let your clubs soak in the bucket for up to ten minutes to loosen up the mud and grime. 

Afterward, take your brush and start to scrub the head. One of the biggest reasons why dirty clubs will affect your game is because debris will cover the grooves, affecting the ball’s spin and flight. Rinse it down with water once your clubhead is sudsy, and dry it off with a towel. 

You want to be careful not to get soap or water on the shaft or the grip. Both are delicate, but especially the shaft. 

There is glue underneath it that connects it to the club’s head, and if that adhesive gets wet, it can lose its hold, and you’ll end up with a broken club. 

Wipe the shaft and grip down with a damp towel. Run a dry towel over those spots to ensure the club is dry before putting it back in your bag. 

How to Clean Golf Clubs Made From Wood

Water can warp wood, which is why you don’t want to soak wooden golf clubs as you do with iron ones. Instead, you want to wet a towel with mild water and use it to scrub the grass and dirt off the club’s head. 

Avoid using brushes on the wood because you’ll risk scratching it. Use another towel to dry it once you finish cleaning it. 

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Make Cleaning Golf Clubs a Habit 

Now that you know how to clean golf clubs, they’ll last longer, and you’ll play better on the course. You can cut down on how much you wash them by wiping them down with a towel after every round. Additionally, putting headcovers on them and storing them in a climate-controlled room will help keep them in good condition. 

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