How to Boost Your SEO Rankings on Google In 2020

Nowadays, SEO is essential to boost your visibility on popular search engines. With internet services being more accessible, retail companies, and other businesses across the globe have started approaching digital marketing agencies to leverage top SEO services. As about 95 percent of the internet is dominated by social media platforms and search engines, digital marketing could be a perfect solution to procure the most profit from the online world. Still, some people are not aware of powerful SEO tips that could make their company go big online. In this article, I will share some ways that could help anyone boost SEO rankings in 2020.

Some Tricks To Boost SEO Rankings In 2020

1. Work On Page Loading Speed

Safari Digital SEO Newcastle express how important page-speed is to your website. Not only can it impact your rankings, but it plays a major role in user bounce rate. If a webpage takes a long time to load users will likely leave, or bounce away, from your website and find another. There are plenty of online tools that can help you improve page-speed, but to start with look into your hosting and image sizes to make an immediate impact. In an ideal situation, a website should load within 5 seconds.

2. Update Your Content

Google is becoming smarter every single year, and it updates its search algorithms. To comply with these algorithms, you make sure to update content from time to time. Try to work on new keywords as people might demand new solutions on the internet. Thus, its best to stay updated with the new trends.

3. Compress Your Images

Images play a crucial role in your online business. Infographics, images, and videos can boost engagement as well as traffic on your platform. Optimizing your images will help your website perform better because heavy visuals put a lot of load on search engines. As a result, search engines start putting your website down.

4. Use Blogging

From the time blogging became popular, people started using it to share their ideas and awareness. On the other hand, digital marketing companies began publishing them to spread a word about their client’s brand. Blogging should be done regularly as it can produce a better outcome for your company.

5. Fill Quality Links

Stuffing your content with low-quality links gets your online business out of track. Instead, create quality links by utilizing high-quality platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. You can upload your contents daily on these websites. However, don’t flood them with too much content as it could prove dangerous.

6. Monitor And Fix Broken Links

Many situations occur when even your top-quality links stop working or get broken. You cannot go up on search engine rankings if these broken links aren’t fixed. Analytical tools like Google Webmaster let you monitor, fix, or even replace dead links in an efficient manner.

7. Fix Page Format

Sometimes your page format becomes a major factor that creates obstacles. Google cares much about page format because it has to present the best results before the people. If your website is filled with irregular formats and incorrect heading or taglines, fix them as soon as possible for your own good.

8. Share In Social Media

Social media has the potential to allow your startup to go big in a short time. Although professionals are quite aware of social media platforms, some still fail to reap all benefits from them. Well, sharing something on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms makes it a trend. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags while promoting your business.

9. Find Worthy Titles

An amazing title can make your content stand out from the crowd. It can either make or break the first impression of your content. If you always put some vague or usual titles for your content, you should avoid it at all costs. In addition, use titles that match your keywords.

10. Pick Out Unnecessary Code

Lots of websites today are filled with lines of code that don’t have any use on the internet. Search engines stop crawling to your website after detecting an excess of code. Thus, it’s important for you to delete all those unnecessary codes that could become obstacles in the future.

11. Join Online Communities

Last, but not the least, start participating in online communities. You can join communities like quora to get popular. Pick questions relevant to your business and start posting them. Also, focus on answering trending questions to improve your digital marketing performance.


Companies have now started to tap into the potential of digital marketing for their own benefits. The tips I have shared above will let you boost SEO rankings in 2020. People will definitely follow anything on the internet if it is worth liking and sharing. Most importantly, maintain your brand quality and expand it as much as possible on the internet. Some countries are very popular when it comes to embracing digital marketing. In India, you can quickly find the best SEO services in Delhi. Besides this, some companies can give you affordable SEO services. Finally, you should focus on SEO as it will let you see new heights in the upcoming years.