How Long Does It Normally Take to Build a Custom Home?

Series at a new home construction site. Includes construction worker/builder, real estate agents and young Caucasian couple

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend nearly 87% of their time indoors.

Within the last year and the present COVID-19 pandemic, that percentage has the potential to increase. If so much time is spent indoors, the least one can do is make their indoor space comfortable.

This is why many homeowners choose to build a custom home.

Building a custom home allows for complete personalization of the layout, as well as all the finite interior and exterior details. But, what is the home building process like? How long does it take?

Keep reading for a quick overview of custom home building.

How to Build a Custom Home

One of the first home-building tips that anyone would recommend is outlining a vision of what the ideal home should look like. Knowing the architectural style, size, location, and interior details of the home can be helpful in the beginning.

Then, it is best to gather a team of real estate and housing experts.

Find an architect. They’ll work with a homeowner to design a home and outline the construction plans for a contractor, the one responsible for building the home. An electrical engineer and a plumber will be useful for setting up the utilities within a home.

Otherwise, it might be helpful to recruit an interior designer and a landscaper. They are the ones responsible for turning a house into a home by adding those personal touches to the interior and exterior.

Finding Land

After assembling a team of qualified professionals, the next step is finding vacant land to build the home. Architects and contractors will understand how to make the most use out of a vacant space that is in line with design preferences and budget.


The general timeline for building a custom home is anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Luxury custom homes tend to require more time, closer to the 2-year mark, especially if they are larger homes with unique building materials and design elements.

The complexity of the home, the skill level of the construction team, as well as weather are all factors that may slow or speed up the building process. Planning out a construction timeline is helpful when trying to build a home within a specific time frame.

Benefits of Custom Homes

As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest benefits of custom homes is complete customization in the design. Homeowners can build with their style preferences and needs in mind. There is also the benefit of knowing that no one else has lived in the home previously.

Believe it or not, custom homes also save money.

They are built to satisfy up-to-date safety codes and with new supplies and appliances. Homeowners don’t need to worry about the quality or longevity of their custom homes.

Custom homes allow for complete freedom, privacy, and the highest quality.

Beginning Blueprints

There is no question that it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to build a custom home. However, the effort is worth it when the home is personalized to meet the needs of the homeowner.

If you’re ready to begin your custom home project, check out the rest of our site for extra tips and information!